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If you don?t know what a blog is, or have never even heard of it, then all I can say is???what rock have you been living under!!

Blogs have been around since the mid-90’s. This form of information have helped many people, get up-to-date on much needed new and exciting stuff. I would also like to say encourage people also.

Here is an example. If you are a woodworker, looking for some hot tips on how to create that perfect cut. Or even a web designer, in desperate need of some info on a line of code, which you can?t seem to get working. I can almost promise you that 9 out of 10 times, you could have searched?for a blog?on what you are needing help with, and found it. It could have been on a blog post or a community who posted on that topic, sharing their knowledge on how to do whatever it is you are battling with.

Personally, I find blogging to be a great way to help a lot of people who are in my social media groups, on giving business and personal development advice.


Imagine this?

Everyone who is alive, is rich in knowledge and life experiences, all different, depending on how your life has played out so far. Wouldn?t you want to share your knowledge and experiences with others who are desperately seeking it?

How would you tell them all about it? How would you encourage these people to share their knowledge and life experiences too? We can all learn from each other. Yes, it?s a world of technology, but knowledge capital is slowly taking over the driving seat of the world.


Our CLS (online platform) blogging system can do all of this!!!

Let?s go back to a couple of weeks ago?

After sitting down with my team in mid-August 2017, we asked ourselves, how can we create a blog system inside our CLS system, and make sure its locked to the outside world, protecting the content that was created, and limiting it to only that specific business or employees who have access to it.

After a couple of days, we made the call to create an internal blogging system. The systems main objective was to help closed communities, share advise and build on their blog posts with employees commenting at the end of every post.


For example:

Let?s say you are the manager of an outstanding travel agency, and you found a great way to help your sales team increase sales.

What is your first step? How do you usually convey this information to your team? People usually go back to what they know?emails. Emails are very dandy and all that, but it doesn?t always encourage employees to be interactive and give their ideas and feedback. I will admit, when I was working for a big corporate airline, I hardly ever read the emails they sent. Yes, I know terrible. There is no follow up so why should you read it. Terrible attitude to have, but this is where blogs help a lot.

New Employees

Besides the problem of people not reading your email, there is another problem that comes in when new employees join your company. If you do not have a dedicated HR system then your new employees will get lost. You could forget to send them this email, you would also more than likely not know how to structure the new email with all the past information, as some employees would have interacted and thrown over the whole apple cart of your once structure email.

Our CLS blogging system solves these internal issues very simply for you, helping you bypass major destruction down the line.

Our system works as follows:

  • You create your first blog post, filled will all the amazing ideas and knowledge which will help your staff
  • Save, and publish it
  • All your staff and connecting shops suddenly get an email notifying them about your blog post, (make sure you say something about them having to be involved with each other in the blog conversation, otherwise they might not open the link), they instantly click the link in their emails, and start reading and interacting with your blog
  • Once they have read your blog, they will want to interact and give their response and add to the knowledge base, (us humans always have an opinion about everything and like to be heard remember your employees are the same), this conversation starts at the bottom of the blog under the ?comment? section
  • Suddenly, without any effort, your company has a great blog post with hundreds of employees who are not only reading your blog but actually being interactive with one another and sharing their knowledge and skills.



What are you waiting for, a special invitation, THIS IS IT. Go and create your first blog post, you will find the link at the top of your CLS page, under blogs.

It?s addictive so have fun, and please if you have any ideas, feel free to add them to this blog post, by adding a comment.

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