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A couple of years back, I started a small woodworking business I wanted to grow the business into a large empire, as we all do when starting our businesses.

I had no business skills and very limited contacts in the world of business, on how to?start and run my business successfully.

I spent most my time perfecting my skills in woodworking, and forgetting about the basics I needed in business, like operations, finance, marketing, and sales. After some time passed, my business started to grow, and I needed to start to hire more people. I needed to learn about HR, and how to run a bookkeeping system, of which I knew nothing.

Having more people in my business, a total of 18, I needed to start marketing and creating a sales process, as we needed to cover more salaries and bigger overheads.

Every time I needed to implement a new process into my business, I had a major challenge?


My Challenge?

I had no skills in any of the departments of business, other than?knowing how to create amazing wood products. The internet, as well as family, friends, and friends of friends, was my source of knowledge. Any business related book I could put my hands on also, was my means of helping myself. I also kept an eye out to free business seminars, which I could go to, and learn more.

This was all good and well, but it took me ages to gain the information I needed, and the price I paid for this, was time and money. I made so many mistakes along the way from miss guided info. Info which I thought was good, but wasn?t really, as I did not have any professional or coach to bounce it back off of.

Needless to say, 5 years later I had a successful business that was doing a 6 figure monthly income. I had achieved this all before the age of 25.

Sometime later, I was sitting in a beautiful hotel room in Dubai, overlooking the Palm Dubai. I started to think back and wonder?. why did it take me so long to get my business off the ground. How could I have avoided the mistakes I made?


That?s when it hit me!

It was so simple, it had always been there, I just didn?t see it at that time, as I was so busy in my business, trying to put out fires and everything else that kept going wrong. I needed a business coach, with a good couple of courses that could help?me learn the right way, in the short time I had available.

I also needed the correct documentation, not just in the form of business?models and plans?to help me grow. Documentation in the selected departments in my business, like for the?marketing and sales operations, as well as finance.

After this ?EEEEUREKA? moment, I started thinking…..? How could I get experts to share their skills with people out there, and have access to them from anywhere around the world, on a PC, Tablet or smartphone.


The Internet of course!

This is where the family comes in, my Dad had been doing successful corporate training, as well as other business and personal development training for years. . . we got chatting. I told him my ideas, and how?I wanted to help other startups?not go through the same pitfalls as I had.

My Dad then told me he had been looking for a new partner for quite some time, interviews had been held over and over, but no one had been found fit for the challenge.


We joined forces on this venture?

So, we set out with a small team to design and?build this online system. Our aim was to take individuals or business’s and give them access to years of expert skills, from any device which could be connected to the internet.

Think about this?

Who you listen to, you believe, who you stand with, you become. Who you stand next to, determines where you?re going.

So, why not stand with an expert coach?!


Now, imagine this?

What if you could?surround yourself with 3 coaches, who each have at least 15-20 years of expertise in marketing, finance, and operations.

That would give you a combined total of +- 60 years of skills, or you could spend the rest of your life trying to gain what these people already know. There is a great saying that goes: ?You will not live long enough to make and learn from all the mistakes, learn from other people?s mistakes? ? Unknown.

This is why The Learning Tree was created, we work closely with experts in the different fields of business, helping them to create amazing coaching processes,?courses,?business solutions, and much more on our platform. You can have access to all of this with just the click of a mouse, or a quick swipe of your finger on a phone.

At The Learning Tree, we have always had two strong beliefs. One, in life, we need to pay it forward, by sharing what we have learnt with others, and secondly, teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish, then he will never go hungry again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope that you will join us on our exciting journey of changing lives. I wished a platform like this had existed when I started my first business.

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