Reality Check

To increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur, it’s important to identify your strengths and weaknesses upfront, so take a moment to read through the statements below, and determine how capable you are in relation to each one.

  • Understanding and handling of stress, perseverance, self-confidence, energy, motivation, risk
  • Understanding and handling of interpersonal and business relationships i.e. communication, change, family, social, professional, support groups
  • Understanding and handling of business related processes & systems i.e. product development, marketing & sales, logistics, operations, finance, distribution
  • Understanding and management of people and resources i.e. long and short range planning, organising, coordinating, controlling
  • Understanding and management of personal financial situations, family and monthly budgeting

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Once you have done a reality check, download our free Entrepreneur Behavioural Self-Assessment, and determine your behavioural capability.

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Entrepreneur Behavioural Self-Assessment

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