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The Samurai Sword VS Business Coach Story.?What makes a good Katana (Samurai sword)??While I was watching TV this weekend during my off time?? which I must tell you, is not too often, LOL, believe me. I came across a remarkably interesting documentary. It was on the Samurai Warrior,… and His Sword (katana). ?I suddenly had an inspiration, and realised, how similar this unique sword was, to a Business Coach.


The Road of a Samurai Sword Travelled

?A good samurai sword is not good because of the person who made it. No it is good, because of all the mentors and coaches that came before it. The people who spent over 1 000 years of perfecting the art of making the sword. This, their knowledge, expertise and skill, passed on, to the next generation of sword makers?.

Like a sword maker, a business coach, has spent years perfecting the art of developing the minds, and businesses, of both entrepreneurs and business leaders. This unique form of training and development, comes not only from his/her knowledge and skill, but from the knowledge and skill passed down, from earlier coaches.


The making of the Katana (samurai sword)

The steal of the sword alone would take a team of 5 people, 3 days, just to forge the steal into one lump of steal, from where it would then, be handed over on to the expert sword forgers.

The experts would spend 3 months bending and shaping the steal, overlapping it, giving it the strength, it needed to last the lifetime, of the samurai who was destined to use it. Every samurai would get a new sword, which would ?serve? with him until the end, and then eventually, when the time came, buried with him.

Grass Roots Level

These sword makers did not just wake up one day and miraculously change into expert sword makers, they had to start at the bottom, and learn the ropes first. Grass Roots level. To become an apprentice and make a magnificent sword like this, one would have to take on the full lifestyle and the ?way? of a sword maker. One would make it your personal mission in life, to understand the history, dedicating one?s life to chasing perfection in making the perfect sword. The only way you could do this was with the help of a mentor.


A mentor would take you (the apprentice), under his wing and teach you everything he knew, and what he had learned from what, was passed down to him from his mentor, and the many before him.


Samurai Sword Facts

  • Samurai Sword is the most perfect weapon ever made
  • The Sword means ?to serve?
  • It was uniquely designed, and given only to a selected few, the best warriors
  • Today it can can cost anything from R 500 K to a R 1 M. Who ever would have thought this

Samurai Sword VS Business Coach

Business coaches do not just wake up one day and decide to be a business coach, it is something that takes extreme dedication, persistence, and patience. They do not just become good at what they do overnight, it takes years. Look at business coaching, we as business mentors, and coaches have our own coaches who coach us too. They help us to become better and better at what we do as coaches. They ensure we transfer our knowledge and skill onto the people who we coach. This, again resulting in successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.


In Conclusion

So, just like the samurai and his sword, myself, and the rest of The Learning Tree team?s coaches, have all dedicated our lives, to give you the best of us, to help both you and your business to develop into your highest potential!

Lastly, a philosophy I have held close to my heart, is that of my Father, sharing ? ?If you train a man he will become what you are, but if you serve him, the sky is the limit as to what he can become?.

When I learn?t this, it ?freed? me, to serve men, who have greater capacity than I have.

Perhaps you have your own Samurai Sword story to share, that could encourage all of us.? We look forward hearing from you, send us a message so we can share with others if you like.

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