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Sustainable Entrepreneurs Empower Themselves. How??. is your question I hear. Start with Inner Happiness. Be your own fan.?Learning outside the Lines.? Find YOUR strength?s and prove them wrong. Smile? would be the one word to describe inner happiness.? How is your smile affecting yourself, and others around you? Let us take you on a roller-coaster ride to find out you can have this also! Did i catch you smile, with this above.


Change in Lifestyle

And Career……. If you are looking to make a sustainable change in your career and lifestyle you need to learn to pace yourself first. In our Course, Sustainable Entrepreneurs Empowering Themselves, we would like to walk a road with you to have no lines to work within, ?Work Outside The Lines? and you will see your horizon is endless.? You have heard the saying a ring is round and has no end, well this you can visualise?your future, be unstoppable, chase your dream, don?t reach for it, get up and go fetch it. Picture in your mind?s eye, what the possibilities could be.

Below are just some of the topics we are going to cover in this Sustainable Entrepreneur, Administration programme.? It is totally different from any typical Office Administration Course you will find anywhere.? At The Learning Tree are like, we broaden your horizon to reach for the moon not just the stars, and let me tell you, once you get to the moon, there is no end either.? This could be you also.?Paint a ray of sunshine all over your face, by having inner peace.


Take a Step

Take the step and get on the bandwagon with us and we will walk this adventure with you, to become a Sustainable Entrepreneur, Empowering Yourself.?This is a life skill fulfilment, enriched course, if one would like to call it that.? It is like all our courses, not just something for now, we want to equip you until your earth days reach the ?dash?.? Oh, I got your attention here, didn?t I.? What is my ?dash?, i hear! Go read up on our ?-? Blog you might find yourself blown away and very enthusiastic about what we like to share with our people. Living your??-??.?This can lead to you wanting to start building your own website just as a starter perhaps.


Sustainable Entrepreneur, Empowering Yourself

Below are areas covered:

  • Believe and Focus on, and in yourself
  • Attitude
  • Choose wisely who you spend your time with
  • Be mindful of your inner voice
  • Plan your day with, intending ?to do?
  • Effective behaviours breed accomplishments
  • Write down permanent principles?
  • Zero in on your ?Triggers? and know them
  • A Healthy body houses a healthy mind
  • Live in the Now, Present
  • Drop Toxic People
  • Remove Negative Comparisons
  • Be your own kind of Beautiful
  • Build Positive Affirmations


Have Goals

Aligned with each other to:

  • Keep track like this to be a Sustainable?Entrepreneur


Happy Sayings

Hope these might put a smile to your face:

  • Capture Joy with your smile
  • A smile is love winking at you
  • The world is a better place when we smile
  • Smiles are captivating
  • A smile opens one?s eyes, spirit all at once
  • A smile is so universal that even a new born knows it by S Galiza



  • Thank yourself
  • I saw his soul through his smile

The Learning Tree believe in?Sustainable Entrepreneurs, and we strive to research continuously advanced information to assist you. We have various topics to help you get on track regarding starting your own business. One of them? is regarding to build a business plan or not, take a look at our Blog.? We also have programmes on how to build your own website. Yes never thought you would be able to do this, did you? You Can, we will help you all the way.

Life is short, live it, Anger is bad, dump it, Fear? is awful, face it, Memories are sweet, cherish them

Smile is a universal language ? Chumlynn.

If you are excited about us launching how to be a Sustainable Entrepreneur then please send us a message, so we know to welcome you personally at launching. We look forward to adding your name to our Entrepreneurs Empowering Themselves as well.

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