Stuff it, I Don’t Need a Business Plan!

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I used to say, a business plan is a waste of time!

Back in 2006 when I was starting my business, I was told about this thing called a business plan. It was an interesting little concept, researching it a little more just sounded like way too much work?. But still interesting.

After a couple of days of thinking whether I should or shouldn?t create a business plan, I did not really know why I should, as my business was doing so well. Why on earth did I need some book to tell me how to run my business. It just sounded silly. Plus I didn?t have the time, I was building a small empire, or so I thought!


So, I just kept on moving on?

I was getting more customers, work was going well, up until the day I was looking to expand, then it hit me. How do I expand, I knew I needed cash to do that, but had no idea where to start and what I needed.

Then I remembered, the business plan, I needed one. I quickly started looking online to find some template I could use. I got one. The next day I started adding stuff to my plan. I really had no idea what I was doing, but I was doing something. LOL

After all was done, I submitted it to the banks, and strangely I did not hear back from them. This was really disappointing, as I had worked really had on my plan.

So, a week after I submitted my business plan to banks, I decided, ?FIIIINE?, I can grow my business by myself then!

I started working hard trying to get more customers, and looking to push any amount of cash that I had into my business. Sadly it was just not moving, this was depressing. It started to feel as if I was going backwards.


After some time passed…

After a while, I realised, I needed some serious help. So, I decided to put my pride in my pocket!

I reached out to The Learning Tree to find out if they could help me. One of their agents contacted me, asking a lot of questions. Most of them I could not really reply to, but the agent managed to help me with the answers.


Why My Business Was Not Growing?

The reason that my business was not growing, and could not get funding from banks and investors, was due to me not having a proper business plan. I was not able to show a detailed plan, based on research, as to how I was going to get my business to where I said it was headed!


My Business Was Missing Road map

I was travelling blindly into the world of business. How I managed to get this far, amazed both me and the Learning Tree agent.

The Learning Tree agent reviewed my situation, and recommended a couple of programs I needed to do, so I could up my business knowledge.


I took the agent?s advice?

It has now been 5 years since then, and today I have a growing successful business, expanding into India and Dubai. I am still making use of their (The Learning Tree) programs today.? Business and personal development is an ongoing thing, especially if you want to succeed in this ever-changing world of business.

Getting back to my mentality of – ?Stuff it, I don?t need a business plan?!! If I had kept that mentality, I would still be working at home in my Folk’s garage, making just enough money to get by.

If The Learning Tree has taught me anything, it is that investing in yourself, is the best investment you can ever make!

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