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Learn how to start your own 6-figure digital marketing business, by using just a laptop or computer. I am about to teach you all the skills you need. Not just to get this digital marketing business started, but how to create all the digital marketing tools, so that your customers will buy from you, in turn will create you that 6-figure income. Interested keep reading…


The Secret to creating a 6-figure digital marketing business is inside this project

Learn how to start a online business, by having almost no startup expenses, in starting an online business. Online businesses need no shop fronts, no purchasing of stock, no need to rent a factory, no need to employ staff at the start, and no tools to manufacture stuff, leaving you to keep 90% of all income you bring in!

All you need is a computer or laptop, and a good internet connection, to start a business online.

The best online business models are mostly selling a service, something that will only require your time and skills. Skills that so many businesses need and are willing to pay you for.

The skills you are about to learn in the “Start Your Own 6-Figure Digital Marketing Business” project, will empower you to start your own Digital Marketing Business, and help small and large companies gain more leads and customers.

Which company does not want more leads and customers?


I teach from my own experience I have had in starting online businesses

I teach from experience. Let me share a little. I had my own digital marketing business career, started about 8 years ago. I managed to take a small business idea, and turn it into an online empire, which today hosts more than 20 000 members and signs up more than 300 new leads and members every single day in this online business.

Today I spend most of my time running my online business, while assisting larger companies who want to implement their own digital marketing strategies into their businesses. I must say they pay extremely well, in the 5 to 6 – figure range for the implementation of a digital marketing process.

This is what inspired me to want to create the Digital Marketing Business Course, as we need more people, that can assist businesses to implement digital marketing processes for their businesses. In return they can make an extremely good living at the same time themselves, and for their families.


How is this course going to help you create a 6-figure income

No business or online business can get started without a basic business model. I have designed one for you, we will make some slight changes to it, to fit your needs.

Next, I am going to be working with you throughout the 6-Figure Digital Marketing Business course, coaching you every step of the way. I will assist you to gain the needed digital marketing skills you will need to add into your revenue stream, which your customers will be paying you for.

We are going to set some milestones. Starting off by, where you need to be at, and at what time, in the next 3 months, to ensure that you have a proper start. You can start telling people about your new Online Digital Marketing Business, and what you can do for their businesses.

There is so much that you will learn in the “Start Your Own 6-Figure Digital Marketing Business” project. I have listed only some of them below, but you will find them all inside this project:

  • Setup a basic business structure and model
  • Build your own website, to start capturing leads and customers
  • Learn how to build websites, digital marketing strategies, social media strategies, Google AdWords campaigns, MailChimp campaigns, and much more?
  • Implement? a CRM system in your own business, as well as for your customers
  • Create a passive income for your online business by implementing subscription models for some of your services which customers will subscribe to
  • Learn how to sell your online business to new customers:
    • what you need to say,
    • what your selling pitch must be to insure you make that sale


The 6-figure digital marketing project could be the project that changes your life!

What if you had to decide today, to just stuff it and do the course, and 3 months down the line you complete the “Start Your Own 6-figure Digital Marketing Business“course, launch your online business, and start signing up customers?

In your first month, say you sign up 4 new customers, each want a website at the value of R 5 000. Work this out? Yes, you are right, this will be giving you an income of R 20 000 for the first month. Do I see a smile in your eyes? Don’t thank me, thank yourself, for taking the chance!

I need to mention that paying R 5 000 for a website is very cheap, but for this example we will use it, you could charge a lot more. Just some advice, don’t try jump too high the first round or so!

The next month, you, sign up double, and now start to build 8 new websites and bring in an income of R 40 000 for yourself. Do you need to hear more, or is this already catching your desire to want to be successful?

That following month, 4 of the businesses that you have built websites for, have now approached you, asking if you can help them with marketing their websites, to gain more customers. Oh really now, I hear you say!

You agree, and they start each to pay you an extra R 5 000 a month to do this for them, bringing in an extra R 20 000 income for you, well at the same time you are still building 8 websites a month for new customers.

You look back and start to see?

That you are now bringing in more than R 60 000 a month, in pure revenue. Your business seems to be growing extremely well, you are implementing more of the skills you have learnt in this course, to increase your revenue.

Next you go into phase 2, the scaling upwards stage, of your business

You go out and recruit 3-5 school leavers that have basic website design and digital marketing skills, you start expanding your business. You are now able to bring in 3-5 times that R 60 000 income. Increasing your business monthly income of +/- R 300 000 a month! What’s more, you are giving 3-5 people out there a job too.

Looking back, you have achieved this in just one year, can you imagine what you could do in 2-5 years? Your income can easily bypass 6-figures, and start aiming in the 7-8 figure monthly income, and grow into a digital marketing empire.

You did all this, by making that one decision that day, and you stuck with the digital marketing business course for the 3 months, and the course totally changed your life.

This is no fairy tale, this is reality, businesses are built like this every day, it just takes one decision, commitment, and persevering to unlock the potential that has always been inside of you. All you needed was some guidance by using the digital marketing course, and the belief in yourself that you can do it!


The benefits of the Start Your Own 6-Figure Digital Marketing Business project will give you?

There are so many benefits to this project, that I really wish I could explain them all in this page and video, but it would be way too much.

So, I have listed a couple of them below here. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to send me a private message.

Below you will see the Digital Marketing Business Project benefits:

  • Create a 6-figure online digital marketing business
  • The course should not take you longer than 3 months to complete
  • Learn all the skills you need to supply your customer with, to generate the 6-figure income
  • Full access to all the needed coaching sessions, downloads and course material in the course, to assist you
  • Course is hosted online, and can be accessed at anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Access the course with any computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone
  • Live chat forums with me the coach, and other members in the course
  • Full Digital Marketing Business model, cashflow and budget


Is this Digital Marketing Project really for you?

If you feel that you don’t have what it takes, and you are happy with your life as it is, and have no desire to increase your income, grow your skills or improve your own life and others, then walk away from this course, it’s not for you!

This project is only for those who are hungry for success, they have a deep desire and drive to want to change their outcome in life, provide for themselves, and their families. It does not end here, as they can change their communities, and leave their own legacy behind, for others to follow.

If this is you, then finding this course today was not by accident, and you were meant to find it.

It was decided years ago, that on this day, you would be presented with the first stepping stone in your journey to your dreams, and you have the choice to grab it with both hands, the choice is yours.

So, today I ask you are you about to grab this opportunity with both hands, work extremely hard over the next 3 months, and start to build your own empire?

If yes, then let us get started. The future is not guaranteed to anyone, waiting one more day could be the difference between success and failure, to change your life and outcome.


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