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Are you looking to fund your business? Then this is for you. The FUNDME account will give you access to be able to join our funding program, and stand a chance of getting funding for your business.

Product Description

FUNDME, is really a new idea that our R&D team at The Learning Tree (Pty) Ltd, came up with, 2 years’ago. At The Learning Tree one of our values are that we strongly believe in giving back to people, and that’s where FUNDME came in, and why we created it.

How FUNDME works is, people all buy an online account called “FUNDME Account” for R99. Then after that you will be given a date + – 1-3 months’ time from where the program will start, then you subscribe to our “FUNDME Program” for R299 pm for 3 months.

The “FUNDME program” is a later add-on program from where online coaching and programs will help you rebuild, or create new business model, business plan, and a funding plan. Then once you have completed that, your plans will be assessed by our team of business mentors, and coaches and they will pick the best business idea and plan to be rewarded the funding. The reason you need a “FUNDME Account” is so that you can join a selected group of people that all compete for the funding, then the “FUNDME Programs” are all your online coaching session. We broke it down in stages to help small businesses, and entrepreneurs with their cash flow, they don’t have to pay it all at once.

So, in total you are guaranteed to get the programs when your join the “FUNDME Programs later, it’s just the funding that can only be rewarded to one person in that group. But to stand a chance in getting the funding, and a good business education with our programs its really been priced amazingly!

How we get the funding, and make money from it is, by getting small sponsorships from companies, and we invest some of our own money into it, as we do make money only from the programs, and not the signing up of the FUNDME Accounts, that’s just to cover admin costs, and space your account uses on our web platform, as well as it shows commitment from you, the account holder that you are serious about taking part, as we only open a limited amount of the accounts every 3 months.

3 reviews for FUNDME Account

  1. 3 out of 5


    I need a funding for my business so that I could deliver my orders in tiy

    • Sydney Kistan


      This program can do just that. Once you have your FUNDME Account, you will be prepped to start taking part in competing for your business funding.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I am so impressed with our team at The Learning Tree, for finally getting this program off the ground. Its been a long awaiting program, that can help any startup, and small business out there.

  3. 4 out of 5


    I need funding to start a creche

    • Sydney Kistan


      You have found the right program, This program has been designed to help you get funding for your business, by competing with other entrepreneurs for it. Please click this link, and download a free info pack if you need any more info, please feel free to contact us.

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