Pro Membership

PRO Membership

Learn, explore, and connect with business experts that will help you grow

This membership will unlock a world of experts for you, that have all mastered different aspects of businesses from starting to growing them. Each one of these experts have spend many years perfecting their skills and will pass on these skills to you with this membership. In this membership you will find.

  • Access to more then 20+ online courses
  • One-on-one coaching to help you grow
  • You will have access to all the expert posts
  • And much, much more…

The Most Asked Question...

Why should I pay for a membership?

A couple of years ago we wanted to build the Apple, and Uber of business platforms. We wanted to make business skills and coaching available and affordable for anyone, no matter where you are in the world. So, we asked successful business owners and business coaches if they would be interested joining us in this journey? We would build a powerful platform that can take their skills that they gained over many years and share it with you for a very small fee, and most of them said Yes !

The answer to the question. All the courses, and coaching sessions are built by very successful people, and companies that hire them pay thousands, for them to come teach or coach these skills to their teams. The only reason why they are not charging this amount on our platform, is that we are able to deliver the skills through an online platform, which allows us to deliver in away which suits all of us.

Pro Membership

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What is all included in your membership?

Below we have listed all the tools that will be included in your new pro membership.

All Courses

You will have full access to more then 20 plus courses, as well as all the resource documents that are included in the courses.


You will have full access to engage with any course coach, that will help you grow your new or existing business.

Expert Posts

Full access to any of the expert posts that have been designed by our business experts to help you in your learning with us.


You can take any assessment or quiz that has been included into the courses or that are lose standing on the platform.

Online Events

Included in this membership, you will have full access to any of the online events that are hosted by our expert business coaches and partners. No extra charge at all!


Your support questions get front row attention from our Learning Tree team, making sure that you are assessed as quick as possible.

Leaderboard & Badges

With this membership you will be granted access to our leaderboard, you are able to compete for ranking, points and badges that will be awarded to you.


Only our pro and master members can interact with our communities. With this membership you can network with other members on our platform.

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From only R 349 pm you will have complete access to our whole platform

If you feel that learning from experts can help you achieve your goals and help you grow, then its really a no brainier. Click the button you see below to activate your membership.