Our Story

Our Story

This is the story of The Learning Tree

Everything started in 2005 when the founder received a vision, which was prophesied during a church service of a future tree. This tree was destined to surface in the desert at an appointed time, growing into a large tree, where its leaves and fruit would heal all the people who came to this tree. The tree would bear fruit all year long.

This prophecy was not quite understood at the time, yet the founder had faith in his vision, and followed anyway, with time, the founder understood that the tree was a metaphor for his business, which was to become a business hub for entrepreneurs, global business leaders, and business owners.

The Learning Tree was to provide both personal and business solutions, to help shape the future of global prospective entrepreneurs and business leaders, to succeed in both personal and business growth and development.

The name and logo of The Learning Tree represent the evergreen Cedar tree, which is well known for its exceptional growth capacity in extreme conditions.

The Learning Tree’s vision and mission is branded around the Cedar tree’s characteristics and in the following way:

The Branches

The Branches are firmly embedded into the trunk and represent our people, empowered to building long-lasting relationships with our partners and customers.

The Leaves

The Leaves are evergreen and represent our combined efforts of value, systems, and superior competence, to attract global customers and partners successfully to the shade of our Cedar Tree

The Fruit

The Fruit is our superior value proposition, offering value-added business as well as personal solutions, and support to our customers and partners, to effectively deal with the challenges they face in this ever-changing world of business.

The Tree Trunk

The Tree Trunk is based on our roots and represents our business systems & competence, supporting our customers in achieving their personal and business goals.

Our Roots

The Roots are deeply rooted and are the true foundation of our business, representing our core values that sustain our business’ Vision and Mission.

The Seed

The Seed is the combined way of The Learning Tree, customers, and our partners, which is to both believe and reinvest in people, to make the world a better place.

Founding Statement

“On each side of the river was the TREE OF LIFE, bearing fruit twelve times a year, once each month, with leaves that would heal the nations.”Revelation 22:2

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