The Learning Tree History

This is the story of the birth of our business, many years ago.

Our History

This is the story of the birth of our business, many years ago.

Our business name and brand is based on a Vision from Revelation 22:2, which was prophesied, of a future tree, destined to surface in the desert at an appointed time, growing into a large tree, bearing fruit, twelve times a year, once each month, and its leaves were to be for the healing of the nations.

The seed of this future tree was blown around for many years, while the Vision transformed into a business idea, which eventually found a resting place in the form of The Learning Tree, in 2008. The environment was dry and not conducive for growth because the rain, the water of life, was gone for many years. During this time the business idea took form in the minds and hearts of the future business partners, which prepared them, for the appointed time to join forces in The Learning Tree. Then the rain came, the life giving water, and in 2010 the seed started to grow, the tree surfaced and the partners established the “Journey of Growth” as the Vision predicted.

All the partners bring together an astonishing wealth of more than 60 years of knowledge and experience in various business operations as leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants, which established a world-class process and systems to facilitate its “Journey of Growth” for both entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Our tree is the evergreen Cedar tree that is well known for its exceptional growth capacity in extreme conditions, with a wide range of uses. It has a sent that no other tree has and has been known to be a strong tree that casts a large shadow.  The Cedar tree is known to live for as much as 1000 years and they grace the Himalayas and Mediterranean mountains with their natural beauty

The Learning Tree’s vision and mission, is branded with the Cedar tree’s characteristics and structure in the following way:

The Roots

The Roots are deeply rooted and is the True Foundation of our business and represent our Core Values that sustains our business Vision and Mission.

The Tree Trunk

The Tree Trunk is based on our roots and represent our business systems & competence supporting our customers in achieving their personal and business goals.

The Branches

The Branches are firmly embedded into the trunk and represents our people, empowered in building long lasting relationships with our partners and customers.

The Leaves

The Leaves are evergreen and represents our combined efforts of values, systems and superior competence to attract global customers and partners successfully to the shade of our Cedar Tree.

The Fruit

The Fruit is our superior value proposition, offering value added solutions and support to our customers and partners to deal with the challenges they face in an ever changing world.

The Seed

The Seed is the combined way of The Learning Tree, Customers and our Partners, to reinvest freely to the people to make the world a better place.

Founding Statement

“On each side of the river was the TREE OF LIFE, which bears fruit twelve times a year, once each month, and its leaves are for the healing of the nations.”

Revelation 22:2

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