Another Exciting Event At The Durban Entrepreneur’s Club

Durban Entrepreneur’s Club Never Failing to Deliver Exhilarating Events   Thursday the 16th of May was a night that many local DBN entrepreneurs and business owners had been looking forward to. “David Allen, former hostage negotiator was going to be the guest speaker at this event!” The event was once again held at the classy […]

Grace Business Training Graduation 2019

A Very Big Congratulations to All Of The Grace Business Students Who Graduated Today!   Early Saturday morning, 53 excited BEC students gathered outside of Grace Riverside Church. Today was the day, that they had all been waiting for, it was the day that each of these students would be graduating from their 8-week business […]

Durban Entrepreneur?s Club

Here’s What Went Down in Durbs The 2nd Week of March… Last week Thursday, our very own Lize-Mari Ras (LM), had the privilege to attend one of the Durban Entrepreneur?s Club meetings, which was held at Durban?s elegantly classy country club.   What LM Had to Say… LM: ?On arrival you could feel the atmosphere […]

Grace Business Experience Course

Last week, Grace Family Church kicked off their first Business Experience Course of 2019 with a bang, as the exciting process of empowering individuals from the communities started? 30 Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business owners filled the training room at Grace Riverside with anticipation and eagerness to learn how to develop and run their businesses.   […]

Great Women In Business

Daniyel Berry who is an image consultant, brought the fashion side of things into business, and elaborated on how what you wear, how you speak, and what goes on, in your social media, and all that, actually speaks for you. It says who you are. So how you dress, and how you behave is basically your brand.

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