Last week Wednesday, was an exciting day for us at The Learning Tree, as our very own Lize-Mari Ras (LM) had the opportunity to attend one of “Great Women in Business?s” networking events up in Hillcrest, starring guest speaker?DaniyelBerry, from Style Me Image Consulting.

The event was based on how to both develop and build your personal brand, held at the very trendy, up-market restaurant, Butler?s, up in Hillcrest.

Lize-Mari said that on arrival she immediately felt like this was something she would like to be part of. ?Seeing so many strong minded, beautiful and independent women come together, to not only grow and develop their personal and business brands, but also to inspire one another, stirred up something in me, made me just realise again how much power there is between women when we all stand together,? said Lize-Mari.

A room full of ambitious and successful female entrepreneurs enjoyed their high tea, while listening to Daniyel Berry highlight her past ten years of life, giving expert advice on how to brand yourself.

Daniyel Berry who is an image consultant, brought the fashion side of things into business, and elaborated on how what you wear, how you speak, and what goes on, in your social media, and all that, actually speaks for you. It says who you are. So how you dress, and how you behave is basically your brand. Here the famous saying of: “a picture is worth a thousand words”, is truer than ever. She kept raising the question, are what you saying and doing aligned with each other? Are they aligned with your personal and business values? Are they authentic?

In Lize-Mari?s exact words, ?It felt like a sisterhood. A team of women who had created their own tribe, paving the way to success?.

Great Women in Business was established in June 2017, by Daniyel Berry & Cheryl Mackinnon. This is a networking group which inspires Women Entrepreneurs to create opportunities in business.

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Photos By Shaun-Tarr-Photography


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