A Very Big Congratulations to All Of The Grace Business Students Who Graduated Today!


Early Saturday morning, 53 excited BEC students gathered outside of Grace Riverside Church.

Today was the day, that they had all been waiting for, it was the day that each of these students would be graduating from their 8-week business course.


And let me tell you…

They were dressed to the T…

It really did feel like a red-carpet event, the only thing missing was a crazy stunt from Lady Gaga, and the actual red carpet of course!

For many of these students and entrepreneurs, today would go down in history for them, as one of the greatest days of their lives’.


A little more on the entrepreneurs…

Many of them come from nothing, some even came from the streets.

So, if you think nothing means a tiny house in a bad area, with an old broken car, then please think again.

Many, if not most of these students, come from places with no running water. The places they call home is more or likely something symbolizing a shack, not much bigger than your bathroom, with probably 7 or more people living in it.


They don’t have warm beds or shelter from the rain.

I hope you can understand what I mean when I say, that it literally takes everything they have, just to make it to the training for each session.

Many of them told me how they had to get up at 3 am each morning, so that they could start walking, just to make it to class on time.

Makes me realize how blessed we are in so many ways…

Ways we never even knew.


I don’t even want to imagine how many hours they spent walking to class, then they still had to walk all the way back again.

And if they were a little late, it might be because their home (shack) washed away due to heavy floods, or that they were mugged, but they still made it to class.


So, please tell me again how your life is so hard because you don’t fit into your Gucci jeans, or why you can’t make progress because your alarm clock doesn’t work?!?!


Time to stop with the excuses, and start getting things done, learn from these students.

Come rain or shine, they were there. Always.


These guys were definitely some of the most dedicated students I have ever seen!

It makes me so unbelievably proud to say I had a part to play in these people’s journeys. Myself and the rest of the BEC trainers truly felt honored and privileged to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

This business course helped some of the students to start their own business, the course also helped start-ups to identify how to run their businesses more cost-effective and efficient, as well empowered some to go from employee to employer, and from unemployed to employed.

All this by simply helping these individuals to focus on developing their personal attributes and their business skills.


At the graduation, one of the organizers, Johan Meyer, congratulated the trainers on doing a great job, as over the past 8 – weeks, they helped empower 83 entrepreneurs and students, with a grand total of 56 successfully graduating!

Now if that isn’t something to be proud of, then I don’t know what is!


So, I want to challenge you today, try to get involved in something bigger than yourself, go join a charity, or seek out opportunities in your community, there is never enough helping hands!

Go do something for someone, who will never be able to pay you back for what you did for them!

And believe me when I say, when you see the positive changes that you have helped them to achieve or implement, that is the very moment you will feel the reward, it’s called the gift of the giving. You never lose by giving.

I know I speak for myself and the rest of the BEC trainers when I say, helping others is the biggest gift you can give yourself.


Before I go, if you are interested in becoming a BEC trainer, or would like to do the course, please contact Grace Family Church.


And a quick special thanks to the team from Ras Digital Marketing for doing the photos.

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