Last week, Grace Family Church kicked off their first Business Experience Course of 2019 with a bang, as the exciting process of empowering individuals from the communities started?

30 Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business owners filled the training room at Grace Riverside with anticipation and eagerness to learn how to develop and run their businesses.


The Game

The day was started with a short introduction followed by a fun and interactive business game.

The goal of the game was simple?


The game?s instructions were that each table was to have a business, they had to decide what they were and what they were selling, they had to do some planning and then approach the bank for a business loan, after getting the funds to start up their business, more financial planning was done, then they had to budget, buy, manufacture, pay debts and hope to make money within one month or be closed down.

The game was fast paced, as the facilitator?s pushed the entrepreneurs to think outside of the box and explore and apply practical skills.

It was awesome to see how people who came from all different backgrounds, who didn?t know each other from a bar of soap, quickly came together and started working as one unit. It just once again shows that when we all have one goal, we can work together and achieve it.

I even found myself as one of the facilitator?s getting super excited and wanted to help my team to win. I had to remind myself every now and then that it was a game and I had to relax, and focus more on facilitating the learning process within my team?s activities than just on winning. LOL.

One thing I noticed among the entrepreneurs, is that there is a kid inside all of us, a kid who wants to win, even if it is just a game. And sometimes remembering that, can be a strong tool for motivation when it comes to winning at life.

See the image below, where one of the entrepreneurs are standing up, confidently presenting her table?s business.


So, a Little More on The Actual Business Course

This course was uniquely designed by Paradigm Shift, with the aim of helping local entrepreneurs to start their businesses the right way, to take them from where they are to where they want to be.

One of the amazing characteristics of this course is that it was designed to be comfortable for entrepreneurs with all levels of education, including illiterate entrepreneurs, as well as for entrepreneurs who do not speak English as their first language. Everyone was welcome.

The learning takes place through learning the essentials of the business aspects, and then gives the entrepreneurs and potential business starters the opportunity to practice and apply what they have learnt.

The design of the course highlights the fact that regardless of each entrepreneur?s background, or lack thereof, there is something to be learnt on all levels.

On completion of the course, entrepreneurs will receive a Certificate of Business Training.

As Grace church?s famous quote states: ?Come As You Are?. Everyone who wants to learn the basics of business is welcome!

So, if you or you know of someone who would be interested in signing up for this business course, then please contact Grace Family Church directly by clicking here.

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