Here’s What Went Down in Durbs The 2nd Week of March…

Last week Thursday, our very own Lize-Mari Ras (LM), had the privilege to attend one of the Durban Entrepreneur?s Club meetings, which was held at Durban?s elegantly classy country club.


What LM Had to Say…

LM: ?On arrival you could feel the atmosphere filled with opportunity and excitement!

It was the unknown?

You know, it?s that feeling where when nothing is sure, everything is possible?

Well, that was the feeling that welcomed me in on arrival, besides getting a bit lost before, but that?s a whole different story. LOL!

Durban Entrepreneurs Club was definitely the place to be, for anyone from young entrepreneurs who haven?t started their ventures yet, to business start-ups as well as already established businesses.


I Met Some Remarkable People!

One lady had her own kiddie yoga gig on the go, I took my hat off to her for running a full-time business as well as a household with three kids (her husband and twins), all at the same time.

I also met a gentleman who had spent most of his life as an engineer, working for someone else, but then decided to follow his passion, and start his own business, importing and selling high end cars, like the Lambo?s and Maserati types.

His business has been a success for more than 14 years now!

I was so inspired by him, as he really was one of the few people who have been brave enough to leave what they know, trading in a stable salary, for the ?I-have-no-idea-when-I-am-going-to get-paid? entrepreneurial salary. This takes big guts and insane bravery! But he did it.



The Main Event…

After about 30 minutes of networking, we were welcomed into the conference room, to take our seats, as the main show was about to begin!

Minus the popcorn of course! LOL.

The main event, the reason we were all there, was to hear international guest speaker, Grant Gavin talk. Grant Gavin is an award-winning entrepreneur, as well as international public speaker, and owner of Remax Panache.

Grant spoke about motivation and drives. He also brought up topics such as employee engagement and disengagement.

It was a scary thought to think that according to Gallup?s Research, South Africa is the country which is currently THE MOST actively disengaged workforce in the world. Yes, I will say it again?


In a global survey, Gallup?s results announced that a whopping 87% of employees, (I like to think of them as just people, because an employee who is disengaged at work, is a person who is disengaged at home too), are disengaged.

Let that sink in for a moment?

Yes, only 13% of the global workforce are currently engaged in their work. Imagine how much more productive business? and our economy could be if we could cultivate a more engaged work force! But that?s a story for another day, as we are currently working on Engagement Projects at The Learning Tree.

Grant emphasised how entrepreneurs should have the same characteristics as a 7-year old child. Can you remember what the 7-year old you use to be like? Here are a few characteristics that Grant mentioned:

  • fearless,
  • enthusiastic,
  • hopeful and a bottomless pit filled with never ending energy.

This really spoke to me, as I kept thinking back to how I use to be, and how I had changed. I realised that it was important to rediscover the child within me again. I needed to focus more on the things that made me different, because those are the things that make me stronger and successful.


“The Things That Make Me Different, Are My Strengths & I Like Them!”


Can you remember who you use to be, before the world told you who you had to be?

So, today, I am going to leave you with this?

Go and look at those little things that make you different, those things that people keep pointing out to you in a negative manner, take those, and build on them, because those little things that make you different, are the things that are going to empower you to become the successful person you want to be!?


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If you guys are interested in joining the Durban Entrepreneurs Club, please click here!



Jenny T.

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