Durban Entrepreneur’s Club Never Failing to Deliver Exhilarating Events


Thursday the 16th of May was a night that many local DBN entrepreneurs and business owners had been looking forward to.

“David Allen, former hostage negotiator was going to be the guest speaker at this event!”

The event was once again held at the classy Durban Country Club.

At 6pm, I arrived with my partner, Jean-Pierre from RAS Digital Marketing, where we were welcomed into the conference room and seated.

The room was filled with enthusiasm and excitement…

It was clear that David had attracted the crowds in.

The evening was started and opened by Action Coach, where they did a brief intro based on what they provide as Business educators.

Next, my “not-so-all-time-favorite” speed dating was started, sorry I mean to say, “speed networking”. I often get the two confused as the same thing, as they both seem equally stressful…

Or at least to me they do. LOL!

Luckily, I knew from my past experience at the DBN Entrepreneur’s Club, the flow of conversation came easy, making networking feel like second nature, as I met one interesting person after the other, and the exchanging of business cards came just as easy.


Next, The main event…

The great David Allen opened his talk with a few fun “hostage negotiator games”. It was a very intriguing ice breaker.

His conversational topics went on to cover lying, body language, and most importantly…

How to tell if someone is lying to you!

Whether it’s in a business deal or on a more private setting, like a first date…

According to David, there are certain tell tails to look out for.

And as a behavioral specialist myself, I took a special liking to the way he conveyed this information, as he really got the crowd engaged, and excited about the different “experiments” that he had them involved in.

The room was filled, with suspicion, laughter, followed by a lot of words like “wow” and “no way”.

It was an incredible evening all round!


Our Thoughts…

Jean-Pierre, from RAS Digital Marketing said that he had a great time at this event, he saw it as a successful networking evening as well as an informative one, thanks to Allen’s talk.

He also commented that they should get more speakers who could speak on topics such as marketing and buying behavior. And I agree fully, if we can learn to figure out what makes people tick, then we would have a powerful tool on both a business and a personal playing field.

We both agreed that we would definitely be recommending DEC as a place to be part of, especially for anyone who wants to grow their network and learn more about different topics.

Can’t wait to see what the team from the Durban Entrepreneur’s Club has next? Then click on the link below to see what they have planned:

DEC Upcoming Events.


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