Live your Life on purpose? for purpose, and with no regrets. Instead of wasting your time, invest your time.

You don?t need to be a victim of circumstances, choose freedom.? I have never heard anybody say, hey, I just want to waste my life, no, you must not, if you are thinking this now!


100 Years

Avoid wasting your time.? I am going to use an example, let?s say I live 100 years, then it will be like this, 1962 ? 2062.

Look at this again??.1962 ? 2062? Do you see the ?Dash?? The hyphen between life and death! Does it not also shout out to you!? That?s the end, final closure of your chapter called life on earth! Done!


The “-“

(Dash in your life)

Don?t you think it is interesting that your whole life since you were born, comes down to a ???? dash! Well, what are you doing with your ?dash?? If you ask older people, they will tell you once you reach 70 and 75, life just goes by so fast, before you know it the day is over, then the week, and before you know it you are another year older. ?Don?t live your life with nothing but regrets.

The saying: if you hold a ladder to climb up a building, and when you reach the top, just to notice it is the wrong building, as your ladder was against wrong building! What a waste of time.? WHY?? You did not plan properly ? time management is important.? Be more productive but life is not always about work, work, work. To have a balanced entrepreneurial life, one needs to be focused on things that matter.


Living Life to the “-“

Relationships with family, friends and colleagues is so important, outside your Entrepreneurial world. Getting some sleep, having some fun and spending time with those you love and care for should be a priority.? A well-balanced life gets enough sleep. 80% people say they don?t get enough sleep.? Well that is easy, GET SOME SLEEP THAT?S ALL.? Stop worrying so much during the day as this causes sleep delay.? Try it out, and start sleeping, that will fix it.? Oh, I hear you, my father was a bad sleeper, or mother?. Let me tell you if you put your mind to less thinking about the day?s things, you will sleep.

Do you drink enough water?? Easy again, if you don?t, then?drink water!? This is no rocket scientists? stuff, it is easy and simple, you can fix your life faster than any treatment you want to go for. Hellooo!!! I am not talking about people who have blood pressure problems, heart problems or chemical imbalance?s, and medical conditions, there is help for that too, go get the right help, don?t delay!? This is needed for your health and the people who see you daily.


Start Now

We think we have these huge complicated problems, 20 years of counselling, try living right, NOW! It is never too late to start again, never.

Go take a look at a Junkyard, or some call it an Ash-heap.? Just get a revelation there, by standing and looking over the THINGS, for about 15 min, of what you all see.? Somebody never got to know their kids, over THAT item, somebody never had time for family over THAT item. Somebody was dishonest because of THAT item, somebody got divorced over THAT item. Never put ?things? before what is more important in your life? before your family and people you have in your life.

We are IN the world, not OFF it.? Spend your time with things that matter. Some have wasted the first 40 years of their life, well now you have the last 30 years at least to do something that matters. It is amazing what you can accomplish if you just keep at it.


What did you do……

with your ????

Make good decisions forward now! Everything that you have been thinking you should do, which you do NOT do, is something that annoys you. Meaning you know you should do that, and you don?t do it, in time, this will annoy you tremendous.? Get up and JUST DO iT, as simple as that!

Do not behave as if time is a commodity that multiplies each hour we use it.? That hour will never return, and every hour thereafter will be wasted if not used productively.? Now is the time to make decisions and choices you need to make. Now! Not tomorrow, as tomorrow might never come.? Well, what are you doing with your ?-??

Do not get so caught up in your Business of Entrepreneur life. Know what you are doing with your time and do not ask where it is going all the time.


STOP! and think

Ask yourself:??what am I doing with the time I have?? What have you done with the time you had this morning to now?? Think a little, what did you do!? Take responsibility to not be distracted. Time has always moved the same pace since the beginning of time. If you not having enough time, then it must have something to do with how you live and use time.? The ?buzzier? I am, the fastest my time seems to go.

STOP saying you are ?buzzy?! We wear our business like a badge. Do you know what you did with it?? Rather think you are fruitful, than saying you are busy, else you will live life, in a blur. ?I repeat again, instead of wasting your time, invest your time. We have various programmes on Entrepreneurship. Learn how to build your own website, we go with you all the way.



I would like to share some ?STOPPERS?, to get your life in line with living:

Do not get upset and angry about things you cannot do anything about:

  • Keep your peace, and cool so you can keep your power
  • Nothing will change, so why lose your character on this, I am sure we all have a tale or two, to share
  • Turn your back on this, and you will be the winner
  • Needless to say, count to 10, and really do this, maybe then 50 if you need to

Stop complaining:

  • This is a total waste of time
  • The most useless thing we can do, as it changes absolutely nothing
  • The more we talk about our problems the bigger they seem to get
  • This will cause frustration and more anger
  • Spend this time on giving ?thanx? and see how your life changes in many aspects.
  • A positive mind houses a healthy body, this is vice versa too

Do not try to buy time, by sleeping less:

  • Oh, this is the worst thing you can do to your body and mind ever
  • You lose more time the next day as you need to fix those things you did not do properly
  • As, if you slept well you would have had proper rest, and got those things done first time, right
  • If you got good rest you will be sharp tomorrow
  • You are going to make many mistakes if you did not enough rest, and this will cost you more time the following day
  • The time you thought you were saving by not getting enough sleep, you are actually wasting the following day

Stop Hurrying:

  • Oh my, yes, we all guilty of this, I see many smiles while reading this
  • This cause mistakes, example, by dropping things unnecessary
  • One tends to put things in places where we cannot remember, yes not just your parents getting older does this, but hurrying causes this way too often
  • The blaming game tends to pop up, where did you put my things, in the meantime it was you
  • The saying, less haste, less speed, or something like this, anybody who want to correct me on this please?

Spend your life craving things you don?t have:

  • True, instead see what you do have
  • Time is so taken up in this manner, by looking and wanting things you really don?t need
  • Enjoy what you have, as time spent on wanting, cause vanity, emptiness and gives a sense of falseness.
  • Useless way of spending time is one word that this could be labelled as
  • Use this time otherwise, fruitful
  • Your whole life will pass by hoping for something you never needed in the first place
  • STOP, and see what you have to enjoy around your own things you will be amazed how much you have

Keep living in the past:

  • Oh my, if you want to waste your time, keep doing this
  • You cannot go back and redo anything, right or wrong things
  • Let it go and get on with life
  • It is never too late to begin again
  • Forgetting what is behind and press on towards what is lying ahead
  • Serious forget stuff from the passed
  • Let it be dead to you and go on


Thinking like a True Entrepreneur

Stop talking about it, and stop thinking about it, put it behind you and move on to use your time better as an Entrepreneur

Oh, I hear you, but I do not know what you have been through?? STOP just here, can you change it? If no, then you choose to move on, as it will always be there, it happened, but what are you going to do from here. You can be the prison, or you can be a bird using the sky to find freedom. Learn the lesson you had to from it and use that to move forward.


Be a Winner

Trust me I know what I am talking about?. the nights you wake up, hearing and experiencing that hurt you experienced, is real.? Make a conscious decision, each time those dreadful thoughts enter your mind, shake your head literally, give it a shake, and say to yourself, you are a conqueror and will overcome this, as you are choosing to be the winner of your bad experience. You can, if you really want to! Why keep torturing yourself, with things you cannot change. I would like to share Jason?s experience, he had a choice too you know!!!? If you would like to hear, send me a mail. What is your choice going to be?

Take Time:

  • Take the time dealing with little problems, then you will not have to take the time dealing with Big Ones, as they usually start small.
  • I am just throwing this in. Take the time to correct your child while they are young, then you will not have a rebellious nightmare teenager, this is a life lesson and it works in every aspects of our beings if you are a parent.
  • Take time reading instructions, when you trying to assemble something new you purchased. My personal experience, I cannot stand reading Instructions, it seems like such a waste of time. Then after I just about want to throw the item in the bin, I decide to get help? then take it to somebody else, who then?. READS THE INSTRUCTIONS and put it together.? Do I see smiles, I am not alone a guess?
  • Locate the things that high-jack your time, and be firm in avoiding them, this is called self-discipline.


In Closure

We only got one life, what are you going to do with your ????

We all have the same amount of time, live your life with wisdom, as an Entrepreneur. ?Our Team will be standing by to greet you if you would like to walk a road with us on building your “-” with a drive of enthusiasm and passion.

I hope you have realised, you are not alone on the road, and smiled more than once, thinking about your road. Please share experiences, and ideas with us so we can learn from each other too, we would love to share your ?- ?way of dealing with life and time. Looking forward to your story!