How to Start Pre-School Business from Home

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Starting a Pre-School Business from home is an extremely challenging,?yet one of the most rewarding Businesses to own, as you are working with our future leaders.

Your?dream and?vision is a career that will touch,?each,?and?everyone?passing through your Pre-School, in many ways, daily, the rest of their lives.

Think back to your own days, preparing for life, somewhere along the road, you can recall memories of great Teachers, leaving footprints in your life, the Bad ones too,?ha-ha! They are very important, as for us to know, how NOT to be!!

This type of Business is a calling from one?s heart and soul, otherwise, do not even try and attempt it.? You will need management skills and patience, all day, 24/7, with loads of love, passion and care, and patients being on top of your list of skills.


Procedures, Guidelines and Rules For Pre-School

Your country?s government?sites?will have the required regulations needed to start with.?Comply with all the guidelines and rules?at all times,?to run a professional Business.

A must-have, is a disaster or crisis management plan,?with health and safety,?procedures.

Have a complete structure and framework?as an entrepreneur.


Business plan For Pre-School

Every successful Business needs to start with a Business Plan, this puts your course of action into the plan. Many hours go into this, but it is worth every minute, which you will find out as you go. Business Plans can be found on Internet. Find one that you feel has the touch you like, and comfort you need as this becomes your Business Manual?at all times.

Here, you will be able to know how much funds you will need to lay out before you start,?and during the implementation of Pre-School as well.? Some Countries have funds available for Start-Up Businesses if you do not have enough? financial backup.

Read our story?of the road we have travelled thus far, it might just be what you need to encourage you.

Make sure you cover these in your business?plan:

  • Vision
  • Mission Statement
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Strategies & Resources
  • Organisational Plan
  • Recruitment
  • Procedures


Below,?are points to follow for additional guidance running Pre-Schools:


Location, Location, Location is vital. Marketing research?will make you wise about how many?Pre-Schools there,?and?which are in your immediate area,?also?in your planned area already.? Or is somebody else thinking of starting one already? The grounds must be environment-friendly firstly.? Then the Buildings must comply with rules and regulations pertaining to safety and security.

Each city and area have their own zoning?s,?this is important to take into consideration as well.

Get Insurance

Depending on the type and size of your school, you?ll need insurance policies of several different types, including liability, property, workers? compensation, and business insurance. Again, check the licensing requirements for guidance.

Business insurance is vital, for your own protection as well as each parents? child. OWN RISK signs must be put up, BUT this does not safeguard your Business 100%, as those little children cannot read.

Parents must sign a documented form, from a Reliable Law Institution, that will cover your liability on all areas, workers and children. Just loading something from the Internet, might NOT be the wise thing to do.? Go the extra mile and speak to Lawyers who know rules and regulations needed to be put in place.


  • Participate in Pre-School enrolment activities.? Online visibility is a great inexpensive way of making your presence known to the public. Blogs are nowadays the in-thing also.? Mother?s Groups, or Parent Groups and Local directories are ideal ways of advertising.
  • Run an Opening Event Day, over a weekend as most parents work, to attract potential enrolments.
  • During the year, keep your visibility, by making your Pre-School visible?and Logo?known at various events.

Furniture, Accessories, Equipment and Supplies

  • Safety equipment is a must, for, example new regularly updated Serviced?Fire Extinguishers, and what goes with them, like hose pipes.? These must be placed in safe areas, accessible easy when needed in times of emergencies.
  • Medical Kit/Box is vital.? Train all Staff to be familiar how to use each item inside professionally.
  • Pre-School?fun and colourful furniture, as well as outside equipment,?is what bring the children to your establishment,?to come and have fun.? Make sure everything is safe to climb on and serviced regularly.
  • Classroom supplies are vital, as learn-play time in class must be attractive for each little one coming there.

Technology and Pre-Schools

  • Tracking daily activities via technology is the way to go today.? Parents will feel part of their child?s activities and events, having a facility like this. Various mobile software apps will help you manage to stay in touch with families, events and activities.
  • Digital checking-in, and -out, is also automated and saving time and paper. Billing is also done via these apps too.

Policies & Procedures Must Be in Place

  • Staff and all attending must be familiar with Policies and Regulations
  • This must be in the form of a handout for each one to take home, and go and study and know
  • This?must?also be in your Business Plan
  • Technology must be updated?continuously

Hire staff For Pre-School

  • The ideal ratio for all?Pre-Schools is 6 to 1.?Meaning for every 6 Children, one would need a Teacher
  • This is the?bathroom/toilet?allowance quantities also, per unit as well
  • Scrupulously,?verify each applicant?s Educational Background, especially in criminal and child abuse areas, as this is vital for the future of your schools? Name and each child?s safety
  • Fingerprints are compulsory, not negotiable,?each applicant must adhere to all above mentioned
  • Authenticate your Business choices by making wise decisions in all areas


  • The value of professionalism, for?your Pre-School, will be rated according to your Planning,?on Programmes,?for?the school year.?This will keep a?top-notch?standard, in each area.
  • Your vision will make provision for Pedagogic?planning structures.? These are available, in rules and regulations of each Government as well.? This must be in your Business?Plan.

Read up about Business Success, you might feel rather encouraged.


  • This is not compulsory.
  • Each country has its own wording for this, could be NAEYC National Association for the Education of Young Children, or something in this line.? Check out your own?area?Gazette?s wording,?and requirements.
  • Parents requiring your services will have peace of mind knowing your Pre-School is accredited, and the staff applying will also know you have standards,?which lifts the quality of staff and people?they will be?working with.

Another option you could either start or join in with a company to start after school transport as well, an add-on to your business.


A Word of Wisdom Owning Your Own Pre-School

Lastly, your dream and aim to reach your vision are providing families with a safe, happy, clean and top of the range Pre-School experience. Never?lose?focus on this.


Please share your experience with us regarding your dream and vision, we would love to hear from you. If you have ideas you can add, please do. Looking forward hearing from you.

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