How to Start a Business

Our Way to Startup

At The Learning Tree we have a very unique way of empowering, prospective entrepreneurs, to start their businesses, which we call “Our Way to Startup”. We know that prospective entrepreneurs, are finding themselves in all kinds of situations, and at various stages, of starting their business, which can’t just be generalized into, one solution that fits all situations.

Our Way to Startup is based on, the psychological readiness levels of prospective entrepreneurs, for example, the majority of prospective entrepreneurs only dream of having a business, where only a few are ready to take the step to start their businesses.

Our Way to Startup have 4 readiness levels, assess your readiness level to start your business, and click on the button which will take you to a page with more detail, assisting you in the process.

Our Way to Startup - Development Phases

Thinking of Starting a Business

Do you want to start a business but not sure what it’s all about, or whether or not you even have what it takes?

Finding a Business Idea

Are you looking for ideas, and wondering whether or not your idea could be transformed into a successful business opportunity?

Creating a Business Model

Do you want to develop a business model, where you describe how your business will work and going to make money?

Creating your Business Plan

Do you want to create a sustainable business plan, which can be used to obtain potential funding to start and run your business effectively?

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