How to Relax as A Business Owner

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Entrepreneurs have a type of stress level, normal people who have a 9 to 5 job, would never have. I would like to share how you can learn to relax as a business owner.

Stress, anxiety, burnout,?cannot cope, go hand in hand running your own business. Owners of any business?s main aim and?responsibility will be to make?this?Business work. They have most probably put in a lot of their own capital, and cannot afford to lose it.? Below is a short daily routine you should try. It brings your?whole mind and body in line with what is happening around you.? This has got nothing to do with any yoga or meditation.

We all have major stress, we share our story too, of the road we travelled, which was not stress free.


RELAX by Using These Techniques

Emotions, rule our whole day, whether it is bad or good. Would it not be nice to know you can face your workday with confidence, and a positive outlook, that could rub off on those around you during a day?

Are you ?in? Let?s Try?

Hold your one hand out in front of you facing up.

Take a deep breath, perhaps even three or four breaths before you start. This will not take much of your time, its worth a try!

Look at your hand, each finger represents a different emotion

  1. Thumb ? Helps combats Anxiety
  2. Pointer Finger ? Deals with fear
  3. Middle Finger ? Helps control anger, haha yes
  4. Ring finger ? Helps control sadness
  5. Pinkie ? Helps to control optimism

Here?s what to do to harmonise the above emotions

  1. Open one hand facing upwards
  2. Take opposite hand and hold one finger at a time, wrapping all fingers and thumb around
  3. Hold each finger 1 or 2 minutes or until you feel a pulsing sensation through your hand


Here?s what to do to calm your mind and relax

  1. Open one hand facing upwards
  2. Tale opposite hand and hold one finger at a time with the whole hand
  3. Take thumb away, and press slightly in the middle (centre) of palm, with the thumb
  4. Hold for approx. 1 minute or until you start feeling throbbing or pulse-like sensation?same as above.

Practice this method every day, to form a habit to harmonise your mind, body and soul with space around you.


In Closure

Again I want to emphasise, this has got nothing to do with any form of yoga or meditation, and or even any religion.? This is just a simple form of relaxing and getting in touch with your own calmness.

We would love to hear from you if you have tried this and if there is any difference in your way of facing your Entrepreneurship challenge each day. Perhaps you have ideas you could also share with us. Entrepreneurs need to work in a framework, read some ideas here. Looking forward hearing from you. We would like to teach you how to build your own website. Technology is vital to any business today, use it and learn more as time goes to stay ahead.

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