How to Own an After-School Transport Business

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Safe and Reliable After School Hours? Transport, is what working parents long for! Safety is Number One.

Thinking of transporting school kids after hours to and from their school activities? You could own an After-School Transport Business. Go a step further perhaps, even transport children safely and in time to dentist or Dr.?s appointments! These are guidelines for you if you want to start your own transport/shuttle service. Working parents biggest nightmare is knowing kids can go to dentists or Dr?s appointments, without them having to take time out of work.


Running Kids After-hours To and From

The economy is cutting down on additional expenses, so this is where you can come in. School boards have no choice, but to cut on luxury ?Nice-To-Have? things in schools, and shuttle privileges are one of them to be cut first.

This is here where you can jump on the bandwagon with your own Business, as a provider of safe, reliable, transportation for each parent?s child. They first started making pick up points less, meaning parents must travel, or walk to the pick-up and drop-off zone. This has been taken out too. Here is the GAP you can fill, adhering to all the legal rules and regulations, you can get your foot in the door.

Extracurricular activities, are a headache, mostly for Mom?s, yes Dad?s too. You can target this market mainly, or then as well. Mornings school hours, and after school, you fill in the gap for this. Parents no need to take off from work to go pick up and drop off, even the Dentists, Doctors, appointments, or Therapy and Sports activities too.


Business Plan

You need to know if this Transportation Business is marketable. You would need to know your mission, goals, and vision. By doing an intensive Business Plan, you will know exactly what you are facing. Viability in today?s environment must be investigated, and this will be a clear guide as to see if this is worth a try. Go all the

way finding out what is needed to know you are on top of things in your Business. By doing a Business Plan, you will no doubt be in touch with all your feelings. Spend time on this, don?t rush it.

The Learning Tree can share many stories of the road travelled to build business plans?and success and encourage why one does this, perhaps read a little here.


The Start-Up

  • Your customers will be wanting safety, first, then reliability as well, for their children, before they might consider your company. Having a trustworthy safe vehicle is of utmost importance on your side. You must make sure that safety is number one.
  • Parents would be looking for affordability as well before they decide on your shuttle. Your funds must be laid out to be able to start this up, as it is not a cheap line of business. In saying this, it is most rewarding, and one can put money in your pocket if run professionally, no doubt.
  • A very great way of reducing Start off costs would be by approaching the school or schools in your direct area of routes. They might be more than willing to hand over the fleets to a reliable and responsible deal, for your own business. They will most certainly take their cut, for their vehicles/busses, and some profit too, but the Business Belongs to you, as the Business Owner
  • Small start-up business might consider leasing the transportation vehicles as well, to reduce huge outlay of finances in the beginning phases.



Drivers with child transportation experience are your type of person you must be looking to employ.

Background checks are vital and must be done with precise scrutiny. Clean driving records, substance usage over even a week, records, screening is seen as the most important aspect of your Business. This must not be seen as too sensitive, this is going to make or break your Business, and the future of families lives.

Medical Assistance, an example first aid knowledge, is of importance as well. Basic Health checks on the staff member applying must be checked as well, as you don?t want a driver having a heart attack while driving or collapsing due to high blood pressure.



Filming cameras could be a great asset, but costly. Perhaps it is worth investigating this. This will rule out any form of false testifying against driver and or children.

Trade organisations are read-up ?Musts?, for you to search on before going any further, as to find out what the do?s and don?ts are, in this field. Google has various places to read up, do the trouble.


Know Your Competitors

Search in your area and route, who are out there currently. Know their routes, fees, sizes of Busses, times they transport children. You must be above what they have to offer, but still stay professional, and remember safety for their children comes first.


Ask Parents What They Need Seeking to Transport Kids

Don?t be afraid to send out flyers asking what the need out there would be. You would be amazed at what might be required.

Ask schools in other countries even with the same topography what they do to make their businesses successful for transporting children. If you in a sunny country, don?t waste your time investigating a country that has snow 10 months of the year. Search for your own type of seasons.


After School Hours

  • A lot of parents work 9 to 5?and need help getting kids back to school or to sports events or dentists, doctors, therapy, etc.
  • Here your Business is ideal to stand in for this, making sure they get picked up in time and dropped off, and fetched again.
  • You will have to keep a precise diary of who is where. But with Electronic devices, nothing is impossible today.
  • Just make sure your Cell Phone Battery Life is tops and charged at all times. Keep backup charged systems on hand always.
  • Be available 24/7 while driving for parents to be in touch with you. Invest in a speaker telephone driver system, which will not distract your attention from the road safety rules.

This? is interesting, try and read up, on how to handle times being an Entrepreneur.


Seeking Advice

Ask around with previous contractors, what they found good and bad, as they have the experience. You can then make sure you are that one step above.

You might even pick up experienced staff who will be willing to get on the bandwagon with you and grow your business together, with their skill and experience and knowledge.

Google faraway towns what their specialities are, as local ones will not be happy to share for the fear of you stealing their customers. You will find friendly helpful experienced Business Owners of School Transportation companies out there, who will gladly assist you, once they know you are not competition. Also seek advice regarding funding.


Joining with Another Venture Transport After-School Service

The option might be there to start a Joint Venture in your Bus Transportation. This is a totally different ball game.

Is this really what you had in mind? Google sites to see what there is out there. But keep in mind the actual reason why you wanted to start this Venture. Was it to be a Business Owner, or not? Or is the financial side setting you back, to take the Joint Venture route, perhaps?


In Closure

Ask yourself if you are serious about being an Entrepreneur after reading above. Some points to ponder on. Perhaps take the time to read about Questions Entrepreneurs need to answer for themselves.

If you have tried any of above ideas, how about sharing your road you have travelled with us.? We would love to hear and learn your methods as well.? Looking forward to hearing from you, all the best!

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