How to Know if You Have it to Be An Entrepreneur

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Fear should not immobilise us?to know if we have it to be an Entrepreneur! The picture above shows a farmer sowing seeds.? He has faith they are going to grow into agricultural products to sell. Do you have faith in your own abilities?


Points to Ponder on below:

  • Entrepreneurs?act and think totally different.? Their reasoning is also on a different level.? They take chances which is frightening and daunting at times.
  • Entrepreneurs test their own ability ongoing.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and if so when will one know it is the right time?


Listening to Your?Entrepreneurial Inner Being

Somewhere inside you, there has been a faint little voice you have been silencing years already. It sometimes shouts out loud, or perhaps for you, in its silence, hurts your ears, screaming out, that you can be an entrepreneur, you can, try it, go for it. Have you been overwhelmed with these voices in your mind and soul?


Whose?Bank Account are you Filling Up?

A major way of thinking, are you putting in a 9 to 5 hour?s day job?for somebody else to get rich, with your talents and skills? This is mostly the reason people leave their day jobs to start building their own empire. Makes sense, doesn?t it?

Your Own Choice

Sadly, there is no magic wand to sway and all will fall in your lap. No, you must get up, put your big?Thinking-Cap?on, and go out there and make entrepreneurship work for you. It all starts with a choice that only you can make for yourself.

Stability, you have it to be an Entrepreneur?

Stability is the question we all weigh up when leaving our set monthly income, from our day jobs.?I have been on the entrepreneurial pathway some time already, and have not once, but many times thought to pack it up, rather go back to 9 to 5 job working for somebody.? But then doors open again, and I take the adventure another step further, and get new hope knowing if I had of stopped then, I would have been the only one left on the deserted island, as nobody is going to come and say oh so sorry, lets pick you up!

No, that?s the first mistake, you are on this road yourself, who you bring in?alongside?you on?route, is not the alpha and the omega. You still have the ownership of the choice, you, and only you have made. Do you think you have it?


The Mustard Seed

From childhood days, we hear stories to have faith like a mustard seed! Have you ever taken the trouble to see the size of one?? Now?you ask, is that all I need? Yes, sure I can have that amount of faith, I hear you! Not so fast, read further to my entrepreneur journey, do you have it?

Entrepreneurship can be like a see-saw, success one would not have dream? t of in your wildest dreams, or downfall into the darkest,?deepest pit, to never crawl out of? Scary hey! Sadly true!

Failure has a way to either make you more determined to find another way to make things work, or could have another route, just give up. What do you have in you, try again, or stop here, as it seems just like way too much trouble? Marketing your dream is a job on it?s own, do you have it in you?


The Vision

  • Work and perseverance cannot kill you, it is you yourself that kill your vision.
  • Possibilities?will?always?arise to start your own?business?do you have the making?

My current job has no satisfaction in it any more, in fact it never did. I had to follow orders from when I walked in?the office,?until?I leave for home-time.? Nowhere is there place to grow my own potential and character and passion to try new things.? I am in a rut,?my Boss?s lookout is,?do what I say, and how I say, while you at my premises, after all I pay you at the end of a month.?Nobody is irreplaceable,?can easy replace you.? These are thoughts and words you might have also heard.


Will this make you think the entrepreneur route might just be for you?

Life is Not Always Sunshine

Do keep in mind that we all have some bad days at our jobs and that should not be the reason why you resign to start your own business.? Again, life happens, and one must be able to work through tough times without running away each time.

My final decision was when I no longer wanted to make somebody else wealthy, with my hours of working for him to fill his bank balance, where I could be loading mine, and my families.


Hunger for being my own Boss

Your business idea is in your mind when you wake up, when you go to bed, when you have a walk, always. This is then something inside you spurring you on to think further than just your current day job.? Perhaps take time and explore that inner voice of yours.

Blogs are so encouraging to read up about other people?s road towards becoming and entrepreneur.

You will learn more than you think as you gain new skills. You can learn to design your very own website, never thought you could? Take a look at our course, you have much more potential than you ever thought possible.



Passion to enrol at entrepreneurial talks and seminars should be high on your to-do list.? It is here, that you mix with people that strive to want more in life than just the normal 9 to 5 job.? You meet people who have walked the road and are walking the road of being an entrepreneur.? Seminars encourage you to have that mustard seed faith, and hope, knowing the road you are treading on,?is to eventually,?be your own Boss. We have various programmes to support and encourage you along the way.

Charming speakers enticing you how money can be made fly by night ways are only there to entice?you?and?waiting to rope those guys in that have no idea what entrepreneurship is about.? They think money?money?money, but entrepreneurship is actually work?work?work, money comes in, and goes right back into work?work?work?again. This is the true entrepreneur road travelled, if you want to be successful. Find a business that interests you, not somebody else.

Here at these Seminars, talk to experts, how they have risen above hurdles, most of them will be too glad to share their experiences.?This surely encourages us, we need to hear stories like these to keep us focused on the end result we aiming for.


Questions to ask yourself,?how to know if you have it to be an Entrepreneur:

  • Lonely road being an Entrepreneur, can I be on this road?
  • Yes, it is a lonely road at times, how will I cope?
  • Is this for?me?then?
  • Can you perform without having people encourage you along the route?
  • Can you be a loner and still be encouraged to go the extra mile?
  • Will your crazy thought work?
  • Do you have a glimpse into the future, that a light is shining that it may work?
  • 100% Failure, could be the result, how do you feel about that?


Alleviate Risks?being an Entrepreneur

You will face various types of risks daily, some are more serious, here are just a few:

  • Legal complications threats
  • Debt raising
  • Investment falling away
  • Capital lost


Do you reason like a Business Owner?

  • Hair-raising is most probably the thinking here.
  • Un-nerving choices are very normal to an entrepreneur.
  • Mesmerising type of people.
  • Think totally out of the box type of people, actually there is no box for them
  • They are mostly very assertive in their thinking
  • Never content as things are
  • Always seeking substitute new improvements
  • Exciting ideals??,?will always advance to better ways
  • Hazardous ideas are exciting
  • Extremely innovative
  • Driven to be in control
  • Motivated by control
  • Inventiveness and Creativity and imagination is their machine to perfection
  • Solving obstacles is food for them
  • They are captivating people
  • Always changing things
  • Have thick skin
  • Face challenges that confront their ego


Be truthful to yourself regarding below thoughts:

  • Why am I starting a business?
  • Is it because my job is boring?
  • Can I be a better boss?
  • Can I create new ideas?
  • Will I solve problems more effectively?
  • Have I reached a ceiling in my career?


Summing up above:

Your?mindset, view of future and?attitude?dictates it all.?You have it to be an Entrepreneur if?you don?t give up, don?t take no for an answer and don?t take things personally. I can, must be your daily motto waking up to, being a Successful Entrepreneur.

What do you think now,?can?you do this?? Please share?your?thoughts and?experiences? with?us so we can all learn from each other, we look forward hearing from you.

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