How to Empower Domestic Employee?s With Training

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Often one thinks, I will just do it myself, and have less frustration?? Yes,?could be, but if you are a working person 9 to?5,?5 days a week, and you need weekends to just get time to breathe, isn?t it going to be awesome knowing, you return home to a neat,?clean home, as when you left this morning. How to Empower Domestic Employee?s with Training, will give people piece of mind when they employ somebody, knowing they are paying for a professional service.

Running Your Own Business will focus to teach how to clean with an efficient Game Plan.

Frustration is a simple word for Un-Educating our helpers, according to our likes and dislikes. We all have our own understanding of tidying up, which differ like one cannot believe. Most people get frustrated explaining over and over how they require their homes to be cleaned, but oh my this goes in one ear, and out the other.



Simple, because this nervous new worker at your home is trying to take everything you are rumbling off as fast as you can, to save time, so they can start cleaning, little knowing you are disturbing their confidence like never.? How can we expect them to remember everything in that short, anxiety-filled time spent with them?? Disaster waiting to happen.

Being proud of owner of a business, training Domestic Workers, Professional Touch Cleaning, is something like being a hairdresser, it has no shelf life, as it has no expiry date, people will always need Cleaners, come what may.

Most people need to work within a routine, and schedule that just start anywhere and finish anywhere.? So, it is vital to know how to organise, sort and tidy accordingly to create a routine for each customer. You will be comfortable leaving them to see your belongings and know they are free to clean according to your wishes.? Happy, both parties, what more does one want running your own Cleaning Business??Perhaps takes a look at this Business approach to assist you as well.

You can do this course with hand?s on training, if you wish,? follow my steps below.


Step One!

Walk through your home with your Domestic Learner, first. This is the most important step.

Start here always.? This gives the new employee a comfortable feeling of what to expect.? Do not go into details here, guide them through.??The aim is also for them to see if they would like to be part of this new job or rather tell you now ? SORRY THIS IS NOT FOR ME.?Then start usually at the?furthest point of the home/area you would like them to clean.

Some people might want to start?with?bathrooms or kitchen, first.? It is totally up to your choice, but experience has taught me to work from?furthest?point?to the closest one.? Physiologically it makes the work feel less and less, the closer they get to the end, otherwise, it might just feel like a never-ending knotting string.? But it?s totally up to your preference.

But then some people might prefer this route:? Starting with strength in the morning, the Kitchen and bathrooms might be the best, as one looks here first if the house is clean. Then other rooms. You need to find steps that work for you.


Procedure To Follow Training

Have a pen and paper?..?not new techno, via cell or?iPad, old-fashioned pen and paper, so you can go through?showing, and ticking off?and making notes?for both parties involved.?This is practical and theoretical training as you go, with hands training. This tick-list covers all the areas to clean as well as specific elements to be taken into consideration.

First Things First When Training

  • Rule one,?pick?up all the clutter and pack away before you start to dust
  • Feather dusters are useless.? It just moves dust from one place to another. Fibre Cloths are great?but normal old dusting cloths, that are little damp work just as well.??Dust left to right with?cloths is suggested, but believe me, again, let the employee decide what?s easier and more convenient for them.
  • A damp cloth and or mop, or even broomstick, works amazingly to get cobwebs down without falling all over cleaner.
  • Ceiling fans must be cleaned by using a stable ladder, not wanting to fall off, causing injuries at any time.
  • Wipe off around light fittings, you will be amazed how dirty fingers make marks.
  • Door frames, picture frames, to be wiped with careful fibre cloths.
  • Blinds are not horrible to clean, pull the drawstring to put them in a closed position and wipe clean, then pull the drawstring to another side, to flip them over, and wipe that side, as easy as that.
  • Glass, computer screens and mirrors, have special separate cloths for these and work delicately as not just to break anything but for cleaner?s own safety too.

Vacuum, Mop, Polish

  • Start vacuuming the furthest corner of the room.
  • Goes the same when Mopping floors as well.
  • Make sure the brush broom part at the push out foot of the vacuum cleaner is clean.? Nothing worse when it leaves stripes as you clean.? Clean the vacuum cleaner out each time you are done, as you know next time you come it is still in reasonably good shape.? Also, you might find missing items in the bag, before you leave for the day??
  • Mop needs to be rinsed out every now and then.? You decided when you feel it looks grubby.? This will depend on how dirty the surface is you are mopping, each time.? Each room will be different as well.? When the water dirty, make sure it is replaced with clean water.
  • Polish on wooden items.? Use special furniture polish supplied and don?t use it for anything but what the container says.? Use clean?cloths?for each one, as it will have its own specific use.
  • Skirting boards.? Oh, this is a must each time, take the trouble to wipe them down with a damp cloth or the mop. DO NOT BEND DOWN AND WIPE WITH YOUR HAND YOUR BACK WILL NOT BE HAPPY AFTER SOME TIME.
  • Each room will be discussed in detail below to know exactly what is expected.? Again, this is a guideline for your Business, adjust accordingly, as not everybody has the same likes and dislikes.


  • Wipe any furniture with cloths for that?particular item.
  • Mirrors clean with mirror detergents
  • Move chairs and clean behind them
  • Wipe headboards off
  • Wipe nightstand off
  • All doors wipe clean
  • Door or dresser knobs clean very nice
  • Beds might need to be made or just pulled straight
  • Pack clothes away if any need to
  • Wipe each ornament gently


  • A good place to start is?appliances, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave (outside), fridge, and if any other like a toaster, beaters, coffee machines etc.
  • Refrigerator, clean above each time, and inside wipe racks and door holders.?Any old food put aside to ask if you can put it out.? DON?T JUST TURF OUT WHAT YOU THINK.
  • Stove and above the stove is always grubby. Stove buttons to be cleaned very well.
  • Oven. Need oven cleaner and read as per instruction, not your own way of thinking. The pans and metal racks inside over remove and wash well.
  • Microwave inside needs special care.? Take glass plate out, wipe little runner and wheels well.? Wipe whole inside nice and clean, repeat if needed. Damp not soaking wet cloth.
  • Zink/Sink needs to be cleaned very well. Taps need to me cleaned around bottom very well as water makes it goo-wee and yukkie, if not done properly.? Use an old toothbrush or some small scrubbing brush to clean around tap where it goes into the Zink/Sink.? Dry off area when fished so it shines.
  • Wipe all counter-tops?moving every item on top to clean around and behind.
  • Floor mop cleaning products can cause huge build up, use sparingly.? Or just plain dish wash liquid,?a teaspoon,?with a drop of jik does wonders.? DO NOT SPILL ON YOUR CLOTHES.


  • Take out all washing baskets, dustbins and floor mats, towel stands if possible, and any possible chairs and footstools, if any.
  • Wash out bath and shower walls as well as shower floor very well. Special grout cleaner could be used if supplied. Again, read the instructions very careful how to apply.
  • Clean everything with cleaner product provided. If not again a teaspoon of dish-washing?liquid soap and a little bit of jik does wonders.? BUT FIND OUT WHAT IS REQUIRED AND PROVIDED.
  • Wash out soap holders very well, remove all old soap stuck
  • Wipe basins very clean.
  • Basin taps, again use an old toothbrush to get the dirt off between basin and tap touching each other.
  • Wipe any bathroom cabinets down
  • Wipe bathroom counter-tops?down
  • Mirrors.? Use clean mirror cloths and cleaning detergent for mirrors only
  • Buff all shiny items
  • Toilet needs to be cleaned around the base and behind the pipes each time.
  • Mop floors with clean water as per kitchen mixture or special supplied bathroom cleaner.
  • Once the floor is dry, replace all items removed out of the bathroom back on the same place they were found.? SURPRISINGLY THIS COULD UPSET CUSTOMERS VIOLENTLY, YES TRUE.


  • Spirits and newspaper work wonders.? But if you are given specific products please use which is provided
  • Do not leave streaky lines at all.
  • Tall window panes must be cleaned with a?good quality squeezy, else you might get injured.
  • After using any outside items weather is a hose or brooms, clean it very well, and replace where stored.


Walla! and your house?is cleaned until next time. We have various courses on being Entrepreneurs, and how to build your own website to assist you.


In Closure

Business success depends on the owner.

Be proud of your work as it reflects a part of your character and personality.? You leave footprints behind each time you leave.

Business Owners, make it very clear that if any party is unhappy about something, which will happen from time to time,……. to be free to discuss it like professional people in business.? There is nothing worse than having to come to your work each time knowing you are unhappy.

After reading all above, do you think being an Entrepreneur is the way to go?

We would really want to hear how you found teaching and training potential Domestic Trainee?s, and perhaps you can share your experience with us, please. Other participants would also like to engage in new learning tactics too. Blogs?are so encouraging, read what we have to share with our fellow Entrepreneurs. We look forward hearing from you, thank you!

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