How to Build Yourself up, and Actually Mean it as Entrepreneur

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Treat yourself like someone you LOVE?. But be on the lookout for self-destructive habits. I would like to share some guidelines to all Entrepreneurs……. How to Build Yourself up, and Actually Mean it as Entrepreneur. Love Yourself!

The loveliest day comes when you wake-up and find that ‘Life Still Colours Your World’ through people who truly care and never fail to remember you.? In this same manner you must treat yourself.


Lessons to survive Life

You have heard the saying, YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! The battle of WAR is SELF. The WAR within, is the only thing standing in the way of our happiness, joy, and inner peace.


War of Self

Discover the infinite power that lies inside you. The walk you take, portrays the life you going to lead, with customers alongside, looking up to you. No Fancy Sports Car, Make-Up, Movie Star ?Look?, Face-lift, Branded Clothing, the list is endless, will change the real YOU. What you see with your eyes, reflects what is in your heart, and that comes out in your speech and mannerisms. Scary hey!

As an Entrepreneur people are looking at us, how we treat ourselves, will be a guide how you treat them. I would like to share mannerisms we all have, that could lead to inner WAR. Here is some insight into the real US, and believe me, I have many shortfalls on this list, but try work on them as they pop up in my daily walk. Becoming aware of them is the first step to fixing self-debilitating, devastating mannerisms.


Some Habits of Character Ruin:

  • Me
  • Integrity
  • Wild ?Mind? Views
  • Habitual Choices
  • Fear
  • Disgrace / Dishonour
  • Impossibility
  • Self-Doubt



Set Myself free from ME. Each heart has its own language?. Look into your heart and discover your soul.? Choose to live with passion and drive, in the right channels. Addictive behaviours lead to ruin inside one?s own soul. Set yourself free. Maturity is growing away from doing the wrong, and growing with doing right things daily, in one?s mind which will lead to greater achievements. The enemy steals your life, through robbing you from joy and purpose in your road ahead. Who is the Enemy? The battle is your own, within.

You are your biggest enemy, do not blame the world or even satan, if you believe there is one. No?. it is YOU! We each have a voice inside us clearly depicting right from wrong. Listen to that choice. Figure out what best for you, and check again 24 hours late, and ask yourself, will it still be best.? If not FLEE from it.? You will know if you have to make a 180 degree turn before the 24-hour time, I promise you, as that little voice inside will have warned you almost immediately, so you do not have to wait the time out to choose.

You must manage your mind to overcome hurt you are causing yourself. Thoughts and feelings, I repeat, come from within. Beliefs get into your energy field. Add life into awareness and start to think where all your negative mannerisms start. Then, shift your thinking to positive ways of thinking shifting your focus from negative to positive.? Work on yourself and all the beliefs pop up little by little ? this we call ?Mind Shift?.? You can do it, if you want to.



This is plain and simple, what am I when nobody is watching! That is the real YOU.

Do you throw a chappies paper down while walking on pavement, after opening it, putting chappies in your mouth?? Nobody sees it.? But you know it! Test yourself today?. Do you ?Frommel? scrunch-up a till slip and drop it as you walk?? Nobody sees!? Who are you when nobody is watching, answer yourself on this Statement?


Wild ?Mind? Views

Your thoughts (view) and habits determine the life you lead in all areas. You must control your thoughts otherwise they will ruin you. You can choose right from wrong. Master your destiny and live a life with colour, excitement and joy which leads to hope, enthusiasm, and fulfilment.? A life of devoid leads to frustration and unhappiness, cynicism, and doubt. Name the things that hold you back from joy and reaching your goals. Initiate change to lead to happiness and joy through valleys of despair.

You must work on using your struggles to transform your misty days which hang like mist clouds over your soul.? The WAR inside determines whether you succeed off fail.? Do you want to win war inside?? It must come from inside your soul first.? If you are natural grumpy unhappy person, no money in the world will change that mindset, attitude, and outlook on life.? You, yourself must decide you want to see the colour out there in the world, and if you do not see any, you go and colour what you would like to experience.


Habitual Choices

Desires and uncontrolled decisions will drive you. Impulsive decisions can wreck your life, not just your day. You must know when something is wrong, deal with it now. Irrational behaviours have endless consequences.

When your world falls apart, and we all know it does happen, make hard changes inside ME! Change tendencies inside myself. How to change deep patters in our life? Nobody can do this for you, if the starting point is not from within yourself first.? Then only, all the ?self-help? books, Google, etc can be a help on the road forward to make your road travelling one of a hec of an adventure.



Fear is a thing that we face daily. Overcome your fears, by face them. If not, each day you see the sun rise, they will rise alongside you another 24 hours. Search inside yourself to find out the source of this anxiety, and deal with it. Do not brush it off and think it will go away.? No, it will pop up at times you least expect it.


Disgrace / Dishonour

You cannot be happy and feel ashamed at the same time. Deal with that which destroys your integrity. I shared this above.

Who are you doing this for?? Yourself! As well as those around you who cross your path each day, weather stranger or friend, this will rub off on everybody around you daily.



Nothing is impossible, nothing, there is always a way, weather it is around, over, below, or even through. Find a possibility to get beyond. Hopelessness is something we have all faced. This keeps you from moving forward, passed fear, shame, and cause insecurity. There is always hope, while you wake up another day, go and make the day work for you, with wise choices. This is almost like a weapon of self-destruction. It will eat you alive if you do not value yourself enough to choose to move on.

Whatever life may send your way, make the best of it. Do not waste your time and energy worrying about it.? Instead, find a way to do something about it. Learn from it. Entrepreneurs have a mindset different to normal employees, adjust to it, be strong, be flexible and be your best in every situation.



We all do crazy things at time. We say and do stupid foolish things. Deal with it now. Let go! Do not procrastinate, it will not go away.? In fact, it will get harder to deal with it the more you put it off.? This will bring a type of security in your whole being, once you faced it and you can put it behind you to move on, it releases you, kind of.



In closure, ?I am who I have been looking for to be happy?. Birds in the sky do not doubt their wings. Be like the wind, sea, sun, moon, and stars, that shout out ?living life?. Live life to the full each day, laugh, dance, and believe in yourself. You are an incredibly special person loaned to this earth each day. Love?? surrounds, shapes, and builds you, on this journey of life. Look around you and see the light, experience joy.

As an Entrepreneur or just another human on earth, go out and colour your own world in. After all you, have the paintbrush in your hand, choose colours that will paint what your heart sees to the world waiting to meet YOU!

Would you take time to share perhaps, your own behaviours of almost, let?s call it self-destruction, so we can all learn from each other. I look forward to reading your way to positive character building.

Would you take time to share perhaps, your own behaviours of almost, let?s call it self-destruction, so we can all learn from each other. I look forward to reading your way to positive character building.

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