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It is up to?YOU!? Think and read these statements below over and over, then decide for yourself, how to build your own success, if it is for you, or not?

  • You?only?have?one life, don?t waste it!?Believing becomes a behaviour, never forget this.
  • Success is a package, comes with hard work, continuous learning, and a will to be successful.
  • Have a clear vision, with your passion, of where you are going.
  • Have targets.


Vision-less People

  • Beware of vision,?trail and passion killers, from family and friends?as they?will be?the first to try and talk you out?of?your dreams,?as they have no goals and ambitions?themselves.
  • Create your own reality by?making some choices towards your future.
  • It is necessary to choose your future to work on yourself,?the work is behind the scene, receiving the winning place is the easy part, but getting there is the hard work,?which you are the only one that knows that.



You?can achieve anything if you set your mind to.?Shoot for the top, think?BiG. If not, forget about it.?Why waste your own time then?

We?can all create change within ourselves.?Only then?can?we?reach out?to build?others also,?whether?in?our neighbourhood or local schools.?How we make others feel,?through what we achieve, is powerful, as they look up to you.?Teach them to say, ?I?am??? a winner, an achiever, an over-comer, a star, the best.? I AM!! The power of words, build or break a personality and character.


Here Are 5 Achiever Points To Work With to Build Your Own Success

  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Never Think Small
  • Ignore ?Nay-Sayers?


Have a Vision. Find it and follow it.? Otherwise, you move around senseless and you are?not?going to?be happy, as simple as that. No need to Google this, it speaks for itself.?Once you have discovered your own vision, the rest will follow as it will mean something to you, as to why you are doing it.


Have a Purpose why you are following a vision.? There must be a dream behind it to want to reach one day. No matter how hard it is going to be, follow this and?pursue, don?t just give up.


You will reach above due to your passion to want this badly enough.??Again?I repeat, once you have discovered your own vision, passion makes you want to work towards receiving all you are aiming for.

Never Think Small If you Want to Build Your Own Success

I want to be a Movie Star like John Wayne, or J Chan (ha,?do you know?who they are?)?Billy Graham, Celine Dion, Roger Federer, Jodi Schechter, Mark Zuckerberg, have your dream Mentors, they worked for what they reached, in fact extremely hard, each one of them.? Or you would like?to run your business from the?tallest building apartment in some?high-rise?City Centre. Drive a Ferrari.? Think small, then your aim is small.

Ignore ?Nay-Sayers?

Life is full of people thinking your dreams are too huge for any normal natural person to reach.? If you are going to have BiG dreams, BiG Goals and BiG Visions people are going to say, they think it is?absolutely impossible?and not going to be done. They will tell you that it?s not possible and you are crazy and nuts.


Seeing the bigger picture

Show Business,?Movie?Star, Famous Bodybuilder, oh they will confirm you need to see a shrink!! This will happen, and if your Dream is stronger than your character being pulled down, then in your mind laugh at them.? Don?t tell them,?oh but I got this and that in place and this will take?time?,?your silence will shake them.? But more, your results will make them eat all their words over time to come, as you produce.


The Arnold Schwarzenegger?s Story Building Success

He was told he was too large, like a Big Monster Gigantic Body, to be a movie star, had an accent that gave directors chills due to his German roots, it just won?t happen for him to be a movie star. His Language pronunciation was poor, to say the least. Oh goodness and your Name, they told him was just one too much to get up there for STARDOME on the screens. No thank you we will not fall for it, he was told over and over.? This just made him more determined.

  • Luckily, he did not listen to them.
  • He started taking acting classes and English language Lessons and even accent language removal classes.
  • Now you tell me this is not following your Vision.
  • He says he went to bed rehearing lines practising: ?A fine wine grows on a vine?? over and over.


Work?Work?Work? and Work??..”Su-More”!! (Some More)

  • Believe me, you will never want to fail just because you did not work hard enough.? Let this sink in a little!!
  • Say?ts?over again, and?actually hear?yourself! Does it hurt?? It should!
  • This is same for any scope of work you approach.? No Pain, No Gain, as simple as that!
  • Five hours a day, a week, while managing a construction business, and being a bricklayer with the team, going to College and Acting Classes 8 to 12 midnight five days a week?? Is this possible you think, this was Schwarzenberg?s schedule.
  • Do yourself a favour and read up here about how to learnt about wealth and money


Andre Schwarzenegger, got the break, for a small TV part, then a little bigger role, then a nice role, and then his actual break came, with Konan Barbarian. Press Conference told the World, that if it was not for his large body and muscles and crazy machine-like voice with?a ridiculous?accent, they would have had to build something like him, he fitted the shoe perfect for the role they had.? Now if he had of listened to the Nay-Sayers??!! Everything they said was a liability, was almost certainly an asset for the right role.

Don?t Just Take, Give Something Back To build Success

Look in a mirror, and what do you see? There are others out there that need to learn from you that have the same hidden skills, that need to believe in themselves.? Go and make the world your Oases?with your talents and gifts.

Special Needs Education, are looking for people like you to come and share a road travelled, to reach the Visions they have.? We all have dreams, but need Mentors like you, to come out and help us on our road towards our adventure. Young Olympian academic students, or athletes.? Teach them, ?No to Violence, Drugs, Abuse?, as they must see someone as a role model, to believe there is a better way, this can be you!? Does this not excite you?

Digital Marketing is a whole adventure on it?s own for you to build success.


Closing Off Thoughts on Building your Own Success

  • Think BiG, work hard and give back to the world??. Why? Because if not us, then who, if not now, then when?
  • What can I improve, what do I need to change??Yes??you must keep asking these questions to yourself, else others will be passing you, as you are working backwards.?Find ways to improve your game, be creative?with your Vision. Here is a framework you can take a look at.
  • Let?s start, I guess you are excited as I am by now, after reading above, so let me stop, so you can go reach for your dream.


Raise Your Standards

The only thing that?is??gonna? change your life,?long-term,?whether it is your business, money, or relationships,?is?that you must raise your standards.?What you are looking for and what you talking about and what you?need,???Now I hear you,?oh now where does that come from?? Not from outside, it comes from YOU! SELF, Within yourself.?Make a decision. Have a To Do List, 4:30 Wake?up! Self-discipline. Know if you are an Entrepreneur, read up here.

Walk, Read,?Meetings,?Focus,?Eliminate?Unnecessary Duties,?Stay on Track, have ticks behind these if they on your list.? Make the choice, TO BE?BETTER!?To?Do, Be More, Love More, More Work, the list is endless.

Your life can be too big, to allow yourself to play to small.?Decisions, help you get things done. Do the best you can while you can, and success is inevitable. (Dr Steve?Maraboli)


The bottom line is

As I started my writing,?it is up to us, this is the Psychology of high achievers, are you in as well? Let us know how you?are doing, please, as this could help us grow?other people out there?also. You can read our story too.

Walk tall, and be confident in yourself, believe?in?yourself, be strong. Be the person you would like to?grow old with.


In Closure

If you want to read up about different ideas, The Learning Tree has.

If you have found this helpful perhaps share with us so we can be encouraged as well. Looking forward hearing how your vision, became a reality. I wish you an exciting?road to travel,?maybe a little bumpy, but you sure??goanna??have one heck of an adventure getting to the top.?Oh,?my and then? the top is not the end!?As when you get there, you see more!!?See you along the road! We would love to help you build your own website.

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