How to Best Own Emotional Ownership as an Entrepreneur From Within

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Emotional Resilience, is how we react within, known as, Success Quotient, SQ. How to best own emotional ownership within this, is different to IQ. IQ measures intelligence against your age at the time. SQ is how you think, and act, compared to how other people think, and act. The Learning Tree would like to give you some solutions and guide you, How to Best Own Emotional Ownership as Entrepreneur, Within. You will be in situations as an entrepreneur, where you might want to throw all your toys out the cot, it happens believe me.

Moving the truth from your head to your heart, is what our solutions are about, so that you will not be at the mercy of your emotions.

The Subconscious mind is like a tape player, until you change the tape, nothing will change!!


Split-second from happy to mad

Journey on a straight path, says John Bunyan, in the Pilgrims Progress, a life story worth reading. Feelings can completely pre-occupy one?s internal world. We can go from mad, bad, sad to glad, in one business meeting. Once we learn how to change our mood to? ?STABLE?, we can focus, comes down how to best own emotional ownership within.

Stay around, I would like to share a real-life experience with you, to help you stand stronger in times of firing flames. We would like to build you up as well, so that there are winners and not just team players wanting their way.


Emotional Resilience is How to Best Own Emotional Ownership Within

The way we build personal excellence within, will change the shape of how you approach daily business deals. IQ is not the most important factor, or any achieved degree studied for. Not even technical expertise. No, the quality of self-control, commitment and integrity, the ability to communicate and influence, to initiate and accept change, is what will build emotional resilience and how to best own emotional ownership within.

Competency skills influence each aspect of your business as an entrepreneur. We would? like to guide you how to improve your emotional resilience, in such a way that it will have a ripple effect on each venture you go into. You will touch lives of those customers who would like to buy your products, or service.

Out of difficulties, grow miracles, thus never give up or in. It is a step into another direction. You have learnt and gained knowledge from all you have put into you own ?Well?. I can hear you asking, what do I mean?


My Well

Life fills our ?Well?s?, with good and bad things along the route we go day by day. As life happens, we each draw from this well. Nothing is ever a waste, the good and the bad. This well has taught us many lessons, it is our choice how we are going to use those lessons to build walls, or to build bridges ? By ?Chum-Lynn?. We take from our wells just as much as we put into our wells, without even noticing it.

All of us have emotions, not to control us, but to keep our reactions in check when we are faced with various situations as life?s journey takes us. We can allow things that happen to consume us. The Learning Tree?s solutions will take you along an adventure, to learn how to not live at the mercy of our moods, with anger, envy, loneliness, worry and fear as how to best awn emotional ownership within.


Seasons of Life

How to get through seasons of waiting, and scattered emotions so your feelings do not disrupt your work and business relationships? I would like to share how to work with emotional resilience, and how to best own emotional ownership as an entrepreneur within. If not learned how to master and listen to your mind and heart, it could result in destructive behaviour, if not understood, which in turn can lead to havoc. Why our emotions take over, lash out and spit fire? ever wondered? Hang around and walk a journey with me, in our solution.


Personal Road Travelled

Let me ask you as we start, which of your moods and or emotions most trouble you? Be honest with yourself, as nobody is going to come and ask you, you are doing this for yourself.

Let me share an experience from a school teacher some years ago. She had a passion for children. As from a primary school child, she always wanted to be a Teacher. This Teacher lived out her dream, taught at schools, lectured, had her own Pre-School, and at the age of 37, went to study full time, furthering her education, joining 1st year students. She loved every stage of her ?old? student life, with the rest.

She was once asked, at the age of about 48 years old, to go with primary school children on a school tour. This was no problem, she agreed and was on duty in the bus also helping the kids on route. The trip was about a 3-hour bus trip, each way. On the way back, a very rude Gr 7, which always had problems with behaviour was moved to the front of the bus as he was naughty and would not listen. So, he came to THIS Teachers section of the bus with his 2 friends.

They just would not behave. After asking them about 4 times to please behave, the rude one, as the Teacher bent over to tel him now this was the last time she was asking him to please behave?. he ?spat? her in the face. Her immediate reaction was, patted him on the side of the cheek and told him, that THAT was naughty.


The Story did not end here

Needless to say, the Teacher was reported and called into Principle Office. The story went, that she hit the child, which the kids knew was not true. The child was not reprimanded, for his rude behaviour, but the Teacher was. She needed to know how?to best own emotional ownership within.



Now I share this, how the Teacher?s emotion took over, although she did not smack him, she reacted immediate by patting him on his cheek, and very firmly telling him NO!? do not do that!! Emotionally she was angry, she did not allow her heart to kick in and reacted with her brain.? This teacher did not know how to best own emotional ownership within, at that moment when a trigger went off in her emotion.

Sadly, the child learnt his rude behaviour and ways were excepted. The Teacher had to learn very quick to control her own feelings of shock, anger and rudeness for future incidences.


Real Life

I shared this, as in work we have situations that make us think with our brains, instantly as we react to something like the Teacher did. She should have stopped, breathed, and counted to ten to use her heart, and not her mind at the time of the incident.



During our time together, I would like to guide you how to train yourself daily, how to respond to triggers. That was a trigger, which the Teacher reacted to. I am almost sure 95% of us would have most probably done the same in her situation. We would like to guide you in how to best own emotional ownership as an entrepreneur, within yourself.

Yes, the child was wrong, but she, as the adult in the situation, should have known how to handle the child. I am not making any excuse for his bad behaviour. A rude child grows into a rude adult. No company wants to employ a rude undisciplined employee.


Some of the Topics:

  • Get to know yourself
  • Emotions lead us astray
  • Nature rebels against what is good
  • Get our ducks in a row
  • Keep your heart fed and watered
  • Trinkets, butterflies in our stomach
  • Braided cord
  • Accountability
  • Speaking out in the heat of the moment
  • Intertwined moods and emotions


In closure

I hope I got your attention, how to best own emotional ownership within. Sign up to follow our solutions, to guide your mind to think with your heart, you will thank yourself. Perhaps share your own Personal Road Travelled, of that of others you know of, to encourage us also, as to what NOT to do and how TO DO it in future. Travel wisely and hope to meet up in our next program.

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