How To Best Empower Customers, Being an Entrepreneur

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Empower Customers, through you as an Entrepreneur, have you heard of this? Your own acrimony???? being, frustrated, reacting in an impatient manner, intolerance, anger the list can go on and on. This has a huge effect outwardly on your customers, which will influence the selling rate of your products. The Learning Tree shares ways and means how to empower customer and people, so they are touched by entrepreneurs, through their service. Emotion plays a huge role in selling products to customers. Follow this Blog how to best empower customer, being an entrepreneur.

How About This Thought As You Travel Through Life?

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world?. today I am wise so, I am changing myself.


Psychological Mindfulness

Psychological Mindfulness, of an Entrepreneur, has a ripple effect regarding feelings. Leaving your customer either excited to do business with you or, hope to never cross your path again. Permitting oneself to become truly authentically empowered, is part of being a successful business person.? We at The Learning Tree often run Blogs sharing experiences and stories, to encourage you and build you up, as this can be a lonely road, travelling solo, as an Entrepreneur.

What type of footprints do you leave behind as an Entrepreneur, with your customers or potential customers. The power of humanity, compassion, patronage, is true Philanthropy, to know that others can rely on your word serving them with products of value, worth the price paid for. Empower customers, through these footprints and feelings, they are sure to spread the word of your great service and products.


How to Best Empower Customer as an Entrepreneur

Start listening instead of talking, be, the courage, many of them need to hear and see. Uplifting and empowering Entrepreneurs have, an inner joy that leads to success. Operate out of love. Customers feel your energy, and this leads to great customer service and return business as well.

How I view power, try, and read this book from Gary Zuckoff, 1989, Seed of the soul. You will find what true authentic power is, in all areas of life. As an Entrepreneur, this is a vital quality one can learn to master.

Authentic power can never be taken from you, your looks, fame, money, square footage, etc. Align who you are in the world, with what you come to do in this world. The energy of your soul aligns with who you are, your personality serves the soul, and this rolls out over everything you do in life.


Your Personality Comes to Serve the Energy of Your Soul

Empower customers having traits like these:

  • Calmness
  • Peaceful
  • Untroubled
  • Composure
  • Self-Possession

Let your self-care, mirror the care you provide to others, by worth and wisdom, leading to empowered customers.

I would like to take you on a journey how we can play a role in others? lives, especially as an Entrepreneur, the footprints you leave behind.



Stop doing the wrong things?? before you can start doing the right things. This we have often heard, but do we do it?

Build a name, nothing happens on time?.?. What can I do now, what is the next best possible? I thought to myself?? what was my best experience in my life, and what were bad, passed experiences. What will my story be, if I had to write one to my future, starting with my passed?

Returning, to school the first day after school holiday?s, teacher usually asked kids, what each did during the holidays.? What was your story!! Some had delightful stories, some had no stories, that is life.

You can start writing your own Entrepreneur story, starting now, nothing is in your way, besides yourself. Never forget the customer, as he IS your story?s growth.


A True Story

Let us start with a true story. One Christmas, a little girl wanted a Barbie Doll, but received a Tammy Doll, which was a doll, but not THE REAL THING? how would you build a positive future on this?

Perhaps the answer will be that somebody, took the trouble to think of her and went out and got her a doll. She existed in somebody?s life, that alone made her feel special. She had a story!!


As an Adult

This person grew up using her personality to serve others with the energy of her soul. She went to villages doing the same, bringing gifts to children who were underprivileged.? She always had in mind ?Christmas Kindness? and took soccer balls, toys, sweets, all kinds of things children would want, who never had a Christmas before. They will remember, and have a story to tell one day, that ?somebody? remembered them. Customers need to feel the same when they leave your shop or factory.

Again, I go back to learn to start listening instead of talking. Be human and relax and breathe while being interested in what the other person or persons have on their heart.? You will be amazed at what you all hear. While before you would have been so busy trying to think what you were going to say as soon as the other person stopped talking?.? Try this out, as it is soul enriching, listening?? to listen and not to start a new conversation. Remember, listening instead of talking, with the intent to understand first.

Be the kind of person you would want somebody to be for you.? Break the cycle of hurt for others and their families for ever, and become part of excelling beyond each one?s own dream.? Have a quality life, driven by you, you are in charge of, you are the pilot of your own life. Living from the heart of yourself and giving from what you have been given, to others, this again, is true Philanthropy. Customers need to know they are important, those are the return ones for further business.



Use what you have been given.



Use your energy of your personality which is your souls calling, energy, use it.

No matter how much square footage you have, fame you have, etc ??. any life starts by the opening of a heart?s space.? Your life gets better if you can find a way of sharing it with someone else.? No not necessary marriage or in a relationship, no, but with people around you. You can do it, and how better with your customer.

How will you use yourself and everything that u have been given to serve that which is greater than yourself? Become truly authentically empowered. The true reward is in the lives that you are able to touch and impact, as your customers. Empowered customers walk a road with you.

Your legacy will be, each life and person you have met and touched, you will leave behind footprints in their minds and souls. What kind are you leaving, up-building, enthusiastic, or numbness, as mentioned, they hope they never cross your path again.? You will touch lives that will live beyond the doing, as an entrepreneur.

The trajectory of your life will change, you give? that? back to life, from within yourself, changing the course or direction of others? lives by being alive, in living. Touching the lives of others, you do not just touch that person?s life, but you touch their family, community, and future lives as well. Next generations learn from us.


In Closure

How about writing a letter to your future??I hear you again, how?

Pick up a pen and a piece of paper and jot down thoughts that enter your mind.

Before long, you will be having a heated, passionate, and fulfilling, discussion in your mind, try it. Read Our Story of The Learning Tree.


Let Go!

Let go, of the fear of what the next person thinks of you, be you! Just to find out that people out there think the same as well of others, towards themselves too. You are not unique, you are as normal as can be. I am living, I am making mistakes, I am asking, I am questioning things, yet I am growing. I am filled with gratitude and get a feeling of being favoured.

Churchill wrote, to walk and be confident in yourself, be strong, only you can do that for yourself! Through this, you empower customers, as it rubs off.

Your whole persona reach lives being an entrepreneur, how will they perceive you, after leaving your presence dealing with you as a business owner, perhaps an empowered customer?

Please share some stories with us so we can learn and be encouraged as well. Looking forward hearing from you.?We have an awesome Business Model you can follow, built with a complete Model, step by step. We have different discounts on our courses, especially membership deals as well. Take a look on our site. I wish you a road full of joy and internal happiness, which flows over to each customer you help smile too.

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