How to Beat Competitors Selling the Same Product

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Competitors need to know I am on a mission serving customers professional, yet with warmth and care, so they know they are important. I am unstoppable, regarding staying on top of my products to serve customers.

Beating our Competitors supplying the same product is an integral part of Marketing.?How do we get more traffic and more?customers?

Different ways and methods are used to increase customers, optimising tactics, strategies and techniques, when taking the 4 Marketing P?s, into consideration.? Awareness of technical and creative elements improve driving traffic towards knowing about your product/s.

The?Marketing mix, which is a classic marketing tool, and?also?known?as the 4 P?s, in Marketing?are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

Before look into each of above, you can view more programmes we have as well. Let?s dive into each one.



This goes hand in hand with service.? You will be giving a service supplying your product.? Ask yourself these questions to be able to compete out there with your competitors:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are their goals?
  • What jobs do they have to perform, so that you could help them do better?

Ultimately, the answer to all above is, how does your product help your customer!

Understanding your customer and how your product relates to their needs, is fundamental to your pricing and promotion of your product, which is the service. Can you see why it goes hand in hand?

Products are the result of your service as your 4 P?s revolve around this 100%.? Once your site is seen, and you have gotten 50% out there to reach your potential buyer. you are on the right track. You also have won your customer over to trust you, to provide products you say you have to allow them to focus on doing what they do best.



Here is a scale that must weigh even, both ways, sales and profits.

  • Lower Price, generate more sales
  • Higher Price, generate more profits

What you see is what you get, have you heard this?? Understand what it is! Let me put some light on here, so you can see??.

Price works in every potential customer?s mind first, so you have to grab their attention, in a manner that they feel comfortable.? Too cheap, they wonder, how long it will last, and your profit margin suffer.? Too expensive, and your sales suffer.

The scale must balance out.



These are the questions asked:

  • Where can customers read up, or find your product?
  • How will they find you, is the question I know you are asking?

The various channels to distribute are endless. Will they actually reach the right customer?? Yes, if your methods are in place, and kept up to date regularly. Stay on top of the trends out there, meaning know what is latest regarding your product on needs.

Many outer influences affect the whole process, such as, is it weekend, or holidays, after hours has a major effect.? Your fridge packs up over a weekend, scenario. Let?s see how this will expose your business.

  • The first thing customers do is google after-hours technician in their area.? Are you on that list?
  • You need to find out and determine who your potential buyers are
  • If you are the after-hours emergency supplier for fridges, you need to have that name out there above others
  • State that you have spare parts after hours
  • Make sure your telephone number is correct

Online marketing channels as well as off-line, is a combination:

  • Referrals would be offline.
  • Online, would be various search engines
  • Networking friends assist as well.

Be aware, there is always another brand out there cheaper than you.



Fine-tune your approach regarding marking, lead generation and sales, as they all work together.

  • You want your name and brand to be on Top.
  • Be visible and seen first.
  • Good exposure is absolutely vital here.
  • Know your competitors
  • See opportunities
  • Adds must be written in a catching, striking, easy, and understanding manner

Time of the year and even day, or the season especially, such as:

  • summer for air conditioners
  • winter for heaters.

Be aggressive in your ways to come alive on search engines, and ads.?Marketing strategies, Billboards, Selling, Lead Generation. Organic Traffic generates conversations.

Above will depend on each need out there, and what the customer wants, so again fine-tune your approach.


Conclusion for visibility to market your product

  • Putting the 4 P?s together ? this is a framework, not the alpha and omega ? there is no special order in how they are to be approached.
  • Measure the success of your Product/s on Twitter and?Linked-in
  • Great marketing does not exist in a Bubble!!!, you have to work at it all the time
  • If you are not selling your products, then perhaps STOP and ask yourself, is it the product self, or the price, the promotion may not be up to scratch.
  • Interrogate your marketing and sales ? this will improve your sales.

Being an Entrepreneur is not just a decision you make when you wake up one sunny morning.

Here at The Learning Tree we share many of our stories of the road we travelled thus far. I certainly hope you are encouraged. I am always happy to answer any questions.? We can learn from each other. If you have ideas and or experiences perhaps you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Learning Tree has many other programmes of interest for Entrepreneurs, even how to build your own website.

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