How Digital Marketing Changed My Life

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Digital Marketing Changed My Life. It all started the day I sold my first business, and started on a new journey of my entrepreneur career. I love starting my blog posts off, with a short story as I have lived the journey, I speak of.

After selling my furniture business back in 2009, I invested my time and money in becoming a co-founder, of The Learning Tree (Pty) Ltd. I made it my mission, to start learning all I could?about web design. As well as email marketing, Google AdWords, Facebook and any other channel, I could get my hands on. Three years into the business, it was still struggling to gain traction. I however knew that we were moving forward, and on the right road. This is where it hit me! I looked back over the years that I had invested time in, learning about digital marketing, and realised, that without really noticing, surprisingly, I had reached just under one million people. I had signed up 20 000 people, and started growing an online audience. On top, following that, started to rival some of my competitors.


Digital Marketing was a big eye opener for me

I realised that even though I was not selling to any one yet, and still in the process of building the first programme, I now had, a ?following? of people I had built up trust, through constant communications. This lead to even some amazing friendships.


Where digital marketing changed my life

This hit me between the eyes. I realised something that I was doing wrong in my previous business, that I could have done better, and received amazing results, if I did it.

Stop Selling from Day One!

In my last business it was all about finding prospects, turning them into leads, and selling to them as fast as I could, before moving to the next lead.

This was such a mistake. I learned, that the relationship building process, was similar to any other relationship.

When you go on a date, you don?t propose marriage on the first date? right! Well I hope you don?t do that, lol. It?s a process of ongoing dates and learning to know each, other before making that offer.

The process is the same for your customers, stop trying to sell something to them from day one. Build a relationship with them at first, build trust, confidence, and let them see that you are a good fit for them. Share with them, that what you have to offer is worth the time, and money, that they are about to invest, in your business. They must feel cared for, in a manner that you are interested in them as a human-being, to succeed, not just another customer.

When I started implementing this process with my leads, I was amazed by the response. People started buying from me, and I mean a lot of people started buying from me!

I later ran a small survey with my customers. I asked them why they bought from me? More than 80% replied, telling me the reason why they purchased I programmes was not just due to the impact the course made in their Live?s, but how I made them feel important and cared for first, at the start of our journey, to know they could succeed.


This was so cool!

I sat back in my office chair and started thinking back to when I had my furniture business in 2009.

What if I treated my customers more like how I was doing now? I know for a fact that I would have made millions of Rand?s more in sales, if I had just stopped, and focused more on building a relationship with my customers, than just wanting to sell, sell sell?


I want to leave you with this today in conclusion

Stop selling and start building. Start building relationships with your leads and customers, make them understand that you are here for the long run. Make them know that you would like to help them.? Get to know more about them, their needs, their pains, what keeps them up at nights, before you start rumbling on about your products or services.

I hope you enjoyed this post of mine, and if you have any stories of how you have built lasting relationships with your customers.?Please feel free to share your experience with me, and others that will be reading this post, by leaving your story below in the comment section.

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