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The Learning Tree, provides various types of assessments, to assist you understanding where you and your business are currently at. Once you know where you are, you can decide where you want to be. We provide effective personal, and or business development tools, with coaching to guide you how to get there successfully.


Free Entrepreneur Career Assessment

Do this basic entrepreneur career assessment and find out if you are suited to become an entrepreneur or business owner in the future.

Free Entrepreneur Readiness Assessment

Complete this basic entrepreneur readiness assessment and find out how ready you are to start a career in entrepreneurship.

Free Business StartUp Assessment

Complete this startup assessment and find out what is required to prepare and launch your own business successfully.

Free Business Health Assessment

Do this basic business health assessment and find out how healthy your business systems are doing and discover areas for improvement.

Free Business Excellence Assessment

Complete this basic business excellence assessment, to understand how well people engage and perform to achieve competitive advantage.


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