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“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Free Business Course Journeys from The Learning Tree

At, The Learning Tree we teach people to fish, instead of giving them a fish and feeding them for a day. The Forever Free Journeys, gives you access to important business information you need. Please keep on reading, to understand, what is all included in this amazing journey.

In these Forever Journeys you will learn how to start or grow your existing business. 

If you have found this page, then you have done exactly what we have predicated below…

Stop searching online for business information!

By now you have realised that searching for anything on the internet is a challenge. Millions of pages of information are available based on the word or search terms you entered in any of the search engines.

For instance, you searched for information on business start-up or business growth. What was the result? Millions of pages of information, how do you get what you are looking for? Most people go to the top result and click on the first result that they see.

The following thought appears in your mind, “Is this the information, what I was looking for. Can I use this information to make a change in my business and is it even the right information for me?  

So, what do you do next?

You make the choice to click on the link

The next step you take, is to analyse the info in the page you have searched for. Analysis is a skill. It also requires knowledge about the search topic. What to look for and then reading skills to scan the information and to make continuous judgements, by bouncing the info on the page against your existing knowledge. Finally, to come to a decision if it’s useful or not.

The first challenge is that most people don’t know what they are looking for and secondly do not have the analytical and reading ability to come to such a decision.

The third challenge is the quality of the information. It is still ok that you can’t analyse and read well, but if the content is based on garbage then you have little hope of getting what you are looking for.

Donald Trump, the US President, refers to his favoured phrase “fake news” or information, that people like to spread online. Do you agree with this view?

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For example

You are serious about finding good reliable information on how to start a business, and all you find is free business plans and millions of pages of people who offer the world to you and it sounds so great, but you know deep down in your gut, this could not be true. You decided on the one page which offers a simple business plan format promising that if you only complete this plan, you are guaranteed to obtain funding from some angel investor or institution that is just waiting for you to apply.

You decided to complete this business plan, submitted it… and its two years since you submitted your business plan and you are still waiting for a response.

Is this really where you want to end up?

The solution

To overcome this problem of helping you to select the correct information to start or grow your business, you have come to the right place.

We are the experts in business start-ups and help business owners grow their existing businesses based on their needs. The business start-up and growth processes are based on 18 KEYS. Imagine two keyrings each with 9 keys on.

Each key ring represents a business start-up or business growth each with 9 keys. Each of the 18 Keys can unlock critical knowledge, skills and tools required to help you to address the business challenges you face during a start-up or business growth.

Below you are the 9-STARTUP and 9-BUSINESS GROWTH KEYS to grow your business into a high performing, profitable revenue generating machine.

The 9 Start-Up Keys

  • Key 1 – Business understanding
  • Key 2 – Business Idea
  • Key 3 – Product Development
  • Key 4 – Business Opportunity
  • Key 5 – Business Model
  • Key 6 – Business Plan
  • Key 7 – Business Setup
  • Key 8 – Business Launch
  • Key 9 – Business Funding

Join our free businesses course right now, and gain access to our complete platform for 7-days 100% FREE without any charge and learn more about the 9-Keys and how this process can help your business start or even grow if you are an existing business. Just click here to subscribe right now!

The 9 Business Growth Keys

  • Key 1 – Business Strategy
  • Key 2 – Marketing
  • Key 3 – Sales
  • Key 4 – Organisation & Governance
  • Key 5 – Finance
  • Key 6 – Operations Supply Chain & Procurement
  • Key 7 – Innovation, Technology & eBusiness
  • Key 8 – Human Resources, Safety, Health & Change
  • Key 9 – Leadership

Our drive for Excellence

World-class levels of performance are not achieved by accident, but through the execution of an incremental and change management plan. We helped many startups and organisations implementing the 18 KEYS in the past.

If you’ve already established a good foundation of continuous improvement, or even if you’re just starting the journey, the 18 KEYS is a good way to enhance results and sustain momentum.

To enhance your success, focus on the following:

Fast Action - It’s time to make – not think about – changes

Time is the enemy of costly process issues. Problems rarely solve themselves, so waiting won’t help. Missteps can be even worse than doing nothing at all and too much analysis can be a speed bump on the way to getting real things done.

When you’re ready to make things happen, you want experts who know where to start and what to do.

Fast Impact - Early victories propel lasting change

In your organisation, activity doesn’t equal achievement. You must show tangible results for your investment, and the sooner the better.

By following a well-designed personal or business change management process should deliver the intended results that produce a long-lasting change.

Enduring Confidence - Trust our record of long-term success.

In business, your best guess and gut instinct only gets you so far. It’s hard to prioritize when everyone is making promises. How can you be certain you’re getting the ROI you need on every dollar you spend?

The Learning Tree’s proven solutions deliver value year after year. We enable your startup or organisation with the critical knowledge, skills and tools, that is needed to create buy-in and propel sustainable change.

Join our free businesses course right now, and gain access to our complete platform for 7-days 100% FREE without any charge and learn more about the 9-Keys and how this process can help your business start or even grow if you are an existing business. Just click here to subscribe right now!

How will it work

If you are serious about wanting to start or grow your business, we will provide you with absolute relevant and up to date knowledge, skills and tools in an email course format. This information is for free and you can share it with anyone you know it could help.

The 18 KEYS are a powerful method for first assessing current state performance, and then developing an action plan for improvement.

We want to be 100% open with you. This journey is free, the information you will receive is free, we will never stop and tell you that from this day on you will now have to start paying for it.

The only place we do charge a membership for, is when you want to access a course that was designed by one of our online partners and want one-on-one online coaching. All the info you will get in this email course journey is FREE for you, it’s our way of honouring one of our values by “paying forward” by giving back to our members.

Let’s have a look at what you will learn from this journey, and what the outcome will be.

You will get a weekly email that includes a personal or business challenge, and information how to deal with this challenge. In some cases, we will provide you with a tool which you can download to assist you in resolving the challenge.

To make a long story short we have started using email journeys to educate people as early as 2008 supporting our products or services. Emails in this format is called email journeys and is very useful to people who can’t afford and need this type of information.

What is the outcome

Imagine yourself siting relaxed, while opening your 9-KEY email journey on your smartphone, get directed to the relevant information within seconds, download a tool working through it, and start to implement it within a few minutes. Instead of spending hours on the internet sifting through millions of pages, not knowing what is right or wrong – Frustrated!!

Each one of the keys have an outcome, and by following the email journeys and implementing the key steps will enable you to reach the outcomes that have been set out for you.

If you find yourself already being a member of The Learning Tree platform, and your 7-day membership has come to an end, you can contact us by clicking here and we will extend your membership for you.

Ok, so what's all in the free journey, and how does it really work?

By signing up to this free email journey, that is based on the 18 KEYS, that will be delivered to you once a week, you will get the following.

Remember there are no strings attached, and you will not be billed, or be asked to sign into any binding contract for this journey, it’s FOREVER FREE.

So, what will I get?

  • Access to online business courses
  • One-on-one business coaching
  • Forever free business course journeys
  • Access to online business communities
  • Download business worksheets & documents
  • Full access to expert posts, designed by business experts
  • Earn points & compete against other members to unlock business gear

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