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Identify & Select the Development Series You Need

If you are thinking of starting your own business, and would like to obtain the necessary knowledge and understanding of how a business works, as well as the critical role business plays, in co-ordinating the supply and demand through the various business activities within the economy, enabling you to create wealth for all its stakeholders, then you are at the right place.

Business Environment Series

Understand the business environment, activities and goals that an organisation needs to achieve, in order to satisfy all its stakeholders, within a challenging and ever-changing economic environment.

Business Organisation Series

Understand how the business would be best structured, how the determination of shareholding is structured, as well as the most effective way to control the business to achieve its goals and objectives.

Business Activities Series

Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders understand how to best utilise the different marketing, operations and financial business activities to grow and further develop a business towards achieving success.

People Activities Series

Manage and motivate people successfully, by understanding how to create all round good business communication, that helps to create and maintain excellent relationships, in both the workplace and personal life.

Regulating Activities Series

Entrepreneurs and successful business leaders understand how legislation and regulations impact the business, and its human resources’ safety, health and relationships, as well as how to cope effectively with the situation.

Entrepreneurship Series

Understand what business growth & development is all about, regarding entrepreneurs, business owners and other business leaders, as well as what the available business starting options are when it comes to a successful business launch.

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