Do You Really Have a Business Opportunity or Just Another Idea?

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Have you ever wondered whether or not you really have a business opportunity or if your idea is nothing more than just another idea?

If your business idea does not have the capability to make money, then you don’t have an actual business opportunity, you have a hobby! LOL


Remember, your hobby can be turned into an opportunity to make money, you just need to be open minded and see how you can make it into something that can make money for you.


Disaster or Opportunity?

You Choose…

Around the turn of the 20th century, a shoe manufacturer sent a rep to Africa to see if there was a market for shoes in this underdeveloped country. After about a month of exploring the country, the rep sent a rather stressful message back to the shoe company?s head office saying, ?this is a total waste of time and money, the people here don?t wear any shoes.?

A little while later, another shoe manufacturing company got onto the same idea, and sent one of their reps to explore the country?s market potential. The rep sent a very enthusiastic message back saying, ?There is a massive business opportunity here, as the people don?t wear shoes, triple production immediately!?

So, you see, every situation contains the potential for disastrous problems or unlimited success. The event is what we choose and perceive it to be, then it will become what we make of it.


Brain Activity

Let me give you a quick breakdown of what happens in your brain when an event occurs:

Event (stimulus) > perception > resulting feeling = action.

So, based on the above, we can say that, something happens, then you decided what that means to you, is it good or bad? Once you have labelled the event, (the something that happened), you then feel an emotion which results in a behavioural action.

This is biology people, but what they don?t teach you in Bio class is that just before you decide how to perceive this event, you can actually step back (mentally) and pause the mental process, and think about it rationally, try to see where you can find the positive in the negative.

The ?hotheads? and the “over-reactors” are usually the ones missing this vital step. Anyone can learn to take a breath and think about it realistically, and then decide how to label it and act accordingly. You just need to think about how you can use this situation to benefit yourself.


The Bigger The Obstacle The Bigger The Opportunity!

So, just like the two reps from the shoe manufacturing companies above, the one missed this step and the other didn?t, he saw people weren?t wearing shoes (event) and then, before just labeling it as a waste of time, he thought about it and saw a massive opportunity (perception labeling), then acted on it!

Most entrepreneurs are like this, they see opportunity where other?s see obstacles. And remember that opportunity waits for no man!

Something interesting, did you know that the Chinese written character for chaos, is made up of two symbols, they are danger and opportunity. An event does not consist of one thing, and one thing only, we need to start seeing an event or something that?s happened to us as a blank. Then we choose what to make of it. Every obstacle has an opportunity in it.


If you are keen to do a proper idea analysis by starting your Business Model, please contact me directly by sending me an email on lize-mari@learningtree.co.za


In the comment section below:

  • think back to a situation which you perceived as a huge problem or obstacle
  • comment on how you could have handled things differently to work for you so that the event could have turned into an opportunity instead of just a problem


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