Reality Check

Today, a business plan is absolutely vital not only for funding purposes, but also for the successful management of your business’ startup and survival stages. In order to increase your startup’s chances of being successful, you need to focus on developing your own business plan. Read through the statements below to get a better idea of what a business plan is made of:

  • A vision, mission and value statement
  • Products and services on offer
  • Customer demand, with customer segmentation and customer profiles
  • Competitor strengths and weaknesses, as well as competitor profiles
  • Location and layout requirements
  • Resource requirements
  • Financial forecasts
  • Business strategies
  • Business goals & objectives
  • Marketing, operational and financial plans
  • Funding/investment requirements

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Once you have done the reality check, download our free Business Plan Template, and see what a basic business plan consists of and how to use it.

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Business Plan Template

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