Learning Tree had the honour of meeting up with some of the awesome SINW Team, learned Dr Madlala, the core driven force behind all this, Beautiful Nomvula and Sibongile. (Muscle Man)!  Sakiha Isizwe Ngomuntu Wesifazane, in short known as SINW came to being after Dr. N. Madlala saw the different kinds of struggles individuals and families go through every day. As she’s called to preach the gospel and tell people about the good news, she saw that her calling was higher and greater than just preaching. Thanks to the values and Christian principles that Dr. Madlala instilled in her family and the church, she with the assistance of Apostle Madlala established SINW organization with the aim of giving back to the community.  Teaching skills, could lead to stronger people, who might even become Entrepreneurs, in their own being, thus providing a better life style for their own families, and lead others to follow their dreams too.

The SINW Campaign started as an Awareness campaign, with advertisements on radio and community televisions, giving solid and sound advice to the public about deportment and way of conduct. Also the digital foot print encouraged us to push on sooner than expected the demand and call for SINW to branch out was too loud to ignore. It has been an interesting, yet very challenging journey for SINW. We launched early 2016; individuals, private companies and government departments came from near and far to support. Soon after the launch we had an award ceremony where we celebrate individuals who are making a difference not only in their families, but communities too.

SINW is a nonprofit organization (NPO) and often dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a particular point of view, we are committed to building sound relationships in families in their various kinds and in communities. SINW saw a need within communities that individuals no longer have that sense of belonging, respect and appreciation to self and one another. Hence we came up with methods in which individuals and families can cope in societies. Our intention is to make positive impact; we are specializing in relationship counseling, Reunification, Unifying families and development. We believe that “healthy families create healthy communities” and are the foundation of our society. Secure families provide a favorable environment where family members can develop to their full potential, develop positive identities and form proper values that serve as a frame of reference for life.

We are of the notion that families come in many forms including: extended families, single parent families, gay couples (with or without children), child headed families, childless couples, cohabiting couples and combined families. SINW recognizes all forms of family and strives to make a positive impact in our communities through our counseling and support services.

SINW Value Statement  ”To be the greatest Mother Nature Organization that unleashes magnificent hidden women power, agility, and strength necessary in life-giving and nurturing of marriages, families , societies, countries, and the entire globe”. Activities catered to the masses by the SINW brand include.

I.N.W Awards

Recognize and appreciate individuals who shown great work/initiative in influencing communities positively (i.e. Business, Leadership, Sport award, Music, Ministry, media just to name a few categories)

S.I.N.W Family Fun Day

Families come together and enjoy this day as a unity

S.I.N.W Radio Talk Shows

Dr.  Madlala motivates and teaches the audience on different relevant and thought provoking topics that influence our day-to-day decisions.

S.I.N.W Workshops and Seminars

Dr. engages with the masses in person;

  • Educate
  • Proved mentor-ship
  • Alleviating poverty
  • Skills development

Social Media

Announcements and Q&As

We are hoping that we have a television talk show and have presence in our local newspaper.

While SINW has had its own share achievements and recognition, it hasn’t been easy.  At first it took a bit of convincing for big and known brand to associate themselves with SINW brand because no one had heard of about us, some didn’t believe in us and others even thought we had “bitten more that we could chew”.  Today we are a growing in leaps and bounds and have somewhat gain momentum and have brands that want to associates themselves with us thinking we have arrived, but the truth of the matter is we still ne assistance ourselves, perishables/nonperishable/cash/kind.

When we backtrack and retrace our steps these are impacts we’ve made in the lives of individual, families and communities.

Program Efficiency

  • School attendance rates
  • Academic performance
  • Classroom engagement
  • Number of young people obtaining employment
  • Engagement in risky behavior
  • Family relationships
  • Achievement of goals set in the youth plan – achieve their goals
  • Participation in community activities
  • Supportive adult relationships

Social Impact

  • Participation in community groups and projects
  • School completion rates
  • Levels of education achieved
  • Employment participation rates
  • Social and emotional well-being
  • Better communication within families
  • Motivated youth

“Ayiyintsha lento “meaning “

This that you are going through is not new!
This has a solution too, because it happened before…” it’s the ethos and mantra” that symbolizes Sakhisizwe Ngomuntu Wesifazane Global Organization mission.

– No matter the obstacle, YOU CAN ACHIVE-

We are currently cementing relations with brands such as Learning Tree, to assist and reach out to other individuals together and make a difference and bring back hope in people’s lives. We trust that this will be a fruitful relationship.

Our Business Card

Business Name: Sakiha Isizwe Ngomuntu Wesifazane

Email: info@sinw.org.za

Contact Number: +(27)73 450 4261

Website: www.sinw.org.za

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