I would like to share this man, Pumlani’s Story as he made us a 4 seater country table and chairs with no plan, only what I explained more or less what I would like and the height of the table to be in proportion to chairs normal standard sizes.  Further I left him to use his own imagination, we were amazed at what unique product he produced, the table top, he laid the wood lengths in such a beautiful unique way which caught everybody’s eye as they approached the table and this was like a start of communication at most meals around Phumlani’s lovely table and chairs.  He is a man with a natural talent, discovered through a lesson he had to swallow very hard on, through his own doing.

Phumlani’s Story, from his own mouth:

“Success is in everybody’s hands and it’s all up to how much do u believe in God and within Yourself.  GOD is living within each and everyone of us in this world whether u BLACK or WHITE we all for HIM.

Now let me tell u about my journey to success. I grew up knowing that in order to succeed u have to go to work only, come home and go again tomorrow. I have proved it wrong, because ever since I finished my metric I started working right through but did not see success coming at all. I had a full time “Day-Job”, and loved it very much. Somehow I started to READ. My mind, saw the light and I clicked into GO-MOTION, mode. My mind told me that there is a GOAL that was set before me that I have to achieve. I have a passion for WOOD, and that kept my focus more and more to start working with WOOD. Somehow I kept on not wanting to listen to the voices in my mind and head, up until I started to do little by little during spare time, and I believed I actually could do this Carpentry thing and was so passionate about it every day more and more. That is when it started to build up a hunger of wanting to craft more and more projects, until I ended up working on some of my working days, during my “day Job hours”, trusting to produce a Doctor’s note.  Yes, you can guess, it I got caught out, and FIRED from my work of which i loved so much………I was accused of STEALING customers from them, also as I could make products sold in our Hardware Store. Then I was like very, very much angry with my Bosses for not understanding my absenteeism……… but as time went on, I started to thank them for PUSHING me through to my GOAL ACHIEVING because, if I was not FORCED TO LEAVE I would have still been there every day and not going anywhere with my God Given Talent, and now I had more time and strength to prove how much more can my hands do……. so this is what i have done so far with my bare hands without any machines believe me. And whats more the ideas all come from my mind and reading and looking at books.

My Motto is:  if you can visualize it in your mind GO FOR IT otherwise you will never know how successful you could have become.

My Carpentry Shop is open for all new ideas and I have a portfolio I can forward to view my handmade unique projects.

I have prayed and asked God for forgiveness to my part in being dishonest and being fired, but this was the only way it seems like I was going to get my mind over to start my own business, and I give GOD all the GLORY today for opening my mind and eyes, to this talent He gave me, besides, God gave me HIS own talent as HE toooooo is a Carpenter, AMEN”.

My Business Card

Name: Phumlani Majozi

Business Name: Phumlani Majozi Carpenterbuilders Express

Cell: 0727731284

Facebook:  Phumlani Majozi Carpenterbuilders Express

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