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Find out what The Learning Tree is all about and how we can help you grow and solve your business issues

Our Story


It is important that you know who The Learning Tree is, and how we can help solve your business problems.

We all have life stories and just like people, companies also have their own stories, being aware of our story is important, as it helps create a picture of our past, how we got to where we are, as well as what’s next for us.

Business Solutions

sharing knowledge and experience

We Exist to Make a Difference!

Our Journey

Our business journey is exciting, exhilarating, and eventful…

Our Why

We create unique business solutions to customer’s problems…

Our Vision

Our vision serves as is our entire team’s directional “North Star” …

What Makes Us Different

We Are Key To Your Business’ Future

Our Business Growth Model is integrated into our Online Platform to assist business leaders to conduct an self assessment and to development & sustain the implementation of solutions, to overcome their problems.


Assess to determine the performance & potential or development need.


Understand and develop the solutions for implementation as required.


Measure organisational performance to sustain the changes required.

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