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At The Learning Tree, we will be helping startup’s in 2017 to get their businesses funded, with our new FUNDME program. To learn more about when this program will be launching please contact our team for more info.

From Startup to Expansion

Our programs are designed to help you start your business, taking it through the survival stage and expanding it into a successful growing organisation.

Business Startup

We will empower you to convert your business idea into a profitable business model, prepare your business plan, testing its viability in the market, and then transitioning your business into a fully operational business and taking you through the survival stage. Click here to read more

Business Growth

We will empower you to obtain an adequate number of customers, to generate sufficient cash and profits to break-even and to transition your business into a successful company that has attained true economic health, size and marketshare.

Business Expansion

We will empower you to expand your business focusing on people excellence models, assisting your employees to become task focussed, team leaders process focussed, managers operational focused, unit managers tactical strategicly focussed.

20 000 +
Customer Satisfaction
Company Freelancers
Cups of Coffee Consumed

How it All Works

We will help & empower you to take your business though the 5 business development stages to improve your chances of being successful.






Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.

– Chinese Proverb

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