Coaching You to Start & Grow a

Successful Business

At The Learning Tree, we coach and empower people to start their business careers, as well as grow existing businesses into the successful ones, by using our online coaching & development programs.

Starting or Growing a Business is Hard!

That’s why we are here to help you start or grow your business

No matter if you are new to the world of business, or an expert at being an entrepreneur, or even own a large corporation with many employees, any person, or business needs help starting, or growing their business, doing it on your own can be an almost impossible task. This is where we come in, we have designed a unique way of training people through our online programs, and coaching to not just build good businesses, but to build businesses, that can stand the test of time, and expand into the 21st century and compete at a level that was only dreamt of before.

We Have the Solution for You

Identify & Select the Solution you need to Solve your Problem

We learn by dealing with our challenges in an effective way. Many times we don’t know that we need help, or we don’t know how to deal with the daily business challenges. The Learning Tree provides unique solutions for most of your challenges and use online coaching programs, to deliver our solutions globally 24/7, through our Cedar Learning System. You only need a computer and a internet connection which will provide you with access to your account with solutions.

The solutions are divided in four development hubs, each one address a specific business development stage, START  , by assessing your situation, and select the HUB, below which could best satisfy your individual / business development needs.

Entrepreneur Career Hub

Let us assess you and help you with your career decisions to start your career in the exciting world of business where you will learn what a successful entrepreneur is and what business is all about.

Business StartUp Hub

Start with a great business opportunity, develop a viable business model & ultimate business plan, commercialise your product and source funding, resulting in a successful business launch.

Business SmartUp Hub

Grow your business by setting up, smart business processes to improve business performance that leads to higher profits and revenue, supporting ISO 9001 QMS compliance & certification.

Business Excellence Hub

Create organisational excellence, by building a powerful leadership pipeline, where engaged talented people drive transformational best practices, to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Who We Are

A Brief description of our History

Our business name and brand is based on a Vision from Revelation 22:2, which was prophesied, of a future tree, destined to surface in the desert at an appointed time, growing into a large tree, bearing fruit, twelve times a year, once each month, and its leaves were to be for the healing of the nations.

The seed of this future tree was blown around for many years, while the Vision transformed into a business idea, which eventually found a resting place in the form of The Learning Tree, in 2008. The environment was dry and not conducive for growth because the rain, the water of life, was gone for many years. During this time, the business idea took form in the minds and hearts of the future business partners, which prepared them, for the appointed time to join forces in The Learning Tree. Then the rain came, the life-giving water, and in 2010 the seed started to grow, the tree surfaced and the partners established the “Journey of Growth” as the Vision predicted.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Below are just some of the many people, & businesses we have helped

  • I am new to the FUNDME program, but ever sins I joined 3 weeks ago, I have managed to create a wining business model, and have just started with my business plan this week. The programs have empowered me in ways I could never have done on my own, and the cost of the program is ridiculously well priced. If I did a business course some place else, I would have been paying at least 10X what Learning Tree his charging me. Thanks Learning Tree

    Tokelo Mbhamayi
    Tokelo Mbhamayi
  • WOW, WOW! That is all I can say. I never knew starting a business had so much I needed to do, if I had started my business without the FUNDME program, I was going to fail very hard, and lose all my investment money. Thank you Learning Tree, for giving me the opportunity to take part, I have learnt so much from this program its priceless.

    Sthembiso Nzama
    Sthembiso Nzama
  • Good job guys! I think South Africans have been awaiting a program like this for many years. Sins I have joined, my team and I have been doing 2 hours every evening on the FUNDME program, and have managed to create a winning business model, and plan. In the next month, we will be applying the new business model to our existing business, and doubling our monthly income. Need I say any more, on just how much I have learnt through this online program! Thanks Learning Tree

    Natalie Van Der Merwe
    Natalie Van Der Merwe
  • I joined 2 months ago, and it was a big decision for me to make, as I did not really have much money to pay, but decided to take the opportunity, and joined. In the last 2 months, I have learned so much, and I am not just almost ready to start my business, but I have 3 investors that are interested in looking at my business plan! Couple of months ago, no one even wanted to hear about my business, but ever sins I did the FUNDME program, I have gotten a better understanding of business, and can now talk to investors with more confidence. I could never do this without you guys at The learning Tree, thank you guys I feel like I am not a loan in this big world of business. much love Simphiwe.

    Simphiwe Moloto
    Simphiwe Moloto
  • Learning Tree you are a bunch of winners. I joined just over 2 months ago and have had the best growth take part in my thoughts to want to start a business.  With your program,  I got started and ready to run out my first production line in about 2 months’ time.  I started from the bottom and got so hooked up- just took in as much as I could and running with your program guidance. Cannot wait to get more guidance from you.

    Quinn Michell
    Quinn Michell
  • I am Sibo, and want to thank you for an awesome program.  I always thought to be an Entrepreneur, but had no idea really where to start.  Your program showed me I could make my dream real, so I started and can say that I am encouraged by your online help.  I like that it is available 24/7 to use at my own time.  You guys are very friendly to always help thank you I hope the whole world hears about your programs

    Sibo Koza
    Sibo Koza

Meet the Team

Meet some of our Rockstar Learning Tree Team Members

Tom Edwards

Operations Manager

Tom works closely with The Learning Trees CEO, and managers to make sure the operations of the business run as smoothly as possible, ensuring that our customers have the best experience possible on our systems while continually helping to improve our online platform to streamline our operations.

Jenny Teague

Sales Manager

Jenny has perfected the art of sales, and with her rockstar sales team that she is working with, ensure that our customers are kept up to date with the latest products and services from The Learning Tree, and with their motto of placing you as our customer first, really helps us keeping ahead in the marketplace.

Sydney Kistan

Customer Relationship Manager

Sydney has one of the most amazing personalities, and is with us for some time now, and with his team are in the driving seat of the relationship we are building with you as an individual, or business, ensuring that The Learning Tree builds a lasting, and professional relationship with you.

Mary Robinson

CLS Team Leader

Mary has perfected the art of running and managing our Cedar Learning System and with her incredible team she oversees the management of the programs, business tools and assessments in the background while assisting customers dealing with CLS issues in the most efficient way possible.

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