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The Business Growth Model

Our Business Growth Model consists of 5 development phases. Assess your business to determine what your next business development stage is.


This is the stage where you will provide, what you think, is a solution to answer a need you perceive to be present in the market.


Once you have developed, and tested your business idea to be both workable, and ready to go, it is time to launch your startup.

Early Stage

If you are at this stage your business should already be generating a consistent source of income and taking on new customers.


At this stage, your business has a ?routine-like? feel, and you should experience an increase in revenue, and have a stable cashflow.


Having gone through the various stages of the business life cycle, with a stable annual profit, you are ready to expand your business.

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  • Great project. I was struggling with the marketing side of my business and now have a lot of information to digest and apply. Can't wait to see the results.

    Mark Sheridan
    Mark Sheridan
  • This project is very educational and applicable to the real world. I particularly loved the sample material, like videos and the downloadable reading resources. I will definitely recommend the digital marketing project.

    Chrissie Hoawzer
    Chrissie Hoawzer
  • The digital marketing project taught me the fundamentals to be able to create real life web applications. Jean-Pierre Ras, is a wonderful engaging instructor who explains key concepts in an easy to understand manner. Would highly recommend.

    David Jones
    David Jones

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